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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Highlights for Thursday, May 30

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tail comparisons
Tail Comparison by grasshopper01
Screenshot at 7:34 AM

Videos and Screenshots from Today

  1. 7:07 AM Ez Drops Off Squirrel; D2 Says "No Sharing"! elly012912
  2. 8:23 AM Mom Loves Serving Family Breakfast ncaerie
  3. 9:58 AM Where's That Chippie Zippie Thingie? ncaerie
  4. 10:00 AM BR Brings D3's Favorite...'FOOD'! ncaerie
  5. 11:29 AM Flapping & Dancing In The Breeze ncaerie
  6. 11:58 AM Watch What I Can Do! ncaerie
  7. 1:11 PM Chippie Anyone ncaerie
  8. 1:58 PM Watch Yourself, I'm Coming Through! ncaerie
  9. 2:56 PM Leg O' Something? ncaerie
  10. 3:40 PM Wonder Wings ncaerie
  11. 4:19 PM Leaps & Bounds for D2! ncaerie
  12. 7:47 PM Kids Holler at Mom; D3 Horks Another Chippie by elly012912
  13. 8:22 PM BR Delivers Small Bird; D1 Horks It by elly012912

Fullscreen capture 5302013 73606 AM
7:36 AM D2 by elly012912

8:35 AM Ezra by grasshopper01

D3 with mid morning snack
9:54 AM D3 with Chippie by babynurse11

D3 does better with pigeon 5-30-13
D3 Does Better with Pigeon by CLMbirds

Fullscreen capture 5302013 91536 AM
10:15 AM by Benjammin1

D1  So Inquisitive
10:20 AM D1 So Inquisitive by ncaerie

Fullscreen capture 5302013 103049 AM
10:30 AM by peakid

D1 by babynurse11

11:55 AM by babynurse11

Getting Air III
12:10 PM Getting Air by ncaerie

D3 and D2 by babynurse11

by babynurse11

05-30-2013 15:38 Full wing extension
3:38 PM by LottiesMimi

How's That For A Leap?  for D2
D2 by ncaerie

5:05 PM D2 by MV

 5:20 PM D3 by MV

 5:38 PM D2 Pantaloons by MV

Fullscreen capture 5302013 70450 PM
7:04 PM D1 by elly012912

05302013_747PM_BR Lands on Railing
7:47 PM BR Lands on Railing by elly012912

7:52 PM BR Departing Nest by MV

Fullscreen capture 5302013 81846 PM
8:18 PM D3 by elly012912 

Fullscreen capture 5302013 81901 PM
8:19 PM D3 by elly012912

Fullscreen capture 5302013 91003 PM
9:10 PM Good Night by elly012912