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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Highlights for Thursday, May 9

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  • Other Blog Updates: It's Thursday, so yes, the Twitter Database and Analytics have been updated. Also, since this was added late last night, I will just mention again that a Timeline page has been added to this blog. In the next week or so, I hope to re-design it to make it more graphically interesting but for now I just wanted to put the dates up.

05-09-2014 - The Hawky-Pokey
The HawkyPokey by LottiesMimi

 Beautiful Ground Video by ferrisakel: Ezra's Flight

Videos and Screenshots from Today

  1. 8:11 AM AM Exercise..Winging, "Slicing" & Walking ncaerie
  2. 9:15 AM What's Buzzing Big Red? ncaerie
  3. 9:30 AM Big Red Brings Bark & Serves Breakfast ncaerie
  4. 10:54 AM Ezra Offers A Fresh Vole! ncaerie
  5. 11:02 AM Maximum Cuteness ncaerie
  6. 11:30 AM Big Red Gives Short Serenade! ncaerie
  7. 12:02 PM Wing Dings ncaerie
  8. 12:57 PM Let Me Help You With That, Mom! ncaerie
  9. 1:04 PM Squirrel Luncheon ncaerie
  10. 1:29 PM Wonder How You Get This Open! ncaerie
  11. 3:23 PM Look What Daddy Brought! ncaerie
  12. 3:30 PM Big Red Prepares Mid Afternoon Snack For Ds ncaerie
  13. 4:43 PM Do You Think I Need A Pedicure? ncaerie
  14. 5:22 PM What's For Dinner? Not Leftovers, Again! ncaerie
  15. 7:17 PM A Nice Big Hop...and Then I Sit elly012912
  16. 8:21 PM BR Can't Hide From Daisybird elly012912 
  17. 8:27 PM Bedtime Feeding Excerpt (Mmmm, Pigeon Feet!) elly012912

big cast
6:31 AM Big Cast by grasshopper01

7:56 AM by elly012912

EZ_CROW 050913
9:14 AM BR Being Mobbed by a Crow on Bradfield
by geminimumma

9:29 AM by geminimumma

BR looking in starling nest pipe
9:42 AM BR Looking in Starling Pipe by grasshopper01

Fullscreen capture 592013 85603 AM
9:55 AM Ez with Mouse Delivery
by Benjammin2013

Fullscreen capture 592013 85807 AM
9:58 AM Ez with Big Stick Delivery

Fullscreen capture 592013 91454 AM
10:14 AM BR Hanging Out with Mouse Ready to Feed
by Benjammin2013

Fullscreen capture 592013 94713 AM
10:47 AM A Flappercise Ends by Benjammin2013

12:54 BR with Big Stick by MV

05-09-2013 13:34 Nestling ballet - Hawk Lake?
1:34 PM Nestling Ballet? Hawk Lake? by LottiesMimi

Close up on bird Ezra brought for lunch 5-9-13 [Wood Thrush?]
Ezra Delivers Bird by CLMbirds

05-09-2013 13:48 Probable Wood Thrush #3
1:48 PM Probable Wood Thrush by LottiesMimi

Growth of pin feathers
Pinfeather Growth by oldbeak

All lined up - 9 May 2013 13:57
1:57 PM by CaSkyWatcher

2:51 PM BR from ferrisakel Tour by MV

05-09-2013 15:23 Dad delivers starling
3:23 PM Ez Delivers Starling by LottiesMimi

5:27 PM Pinfeathers by elly012912

Fullscreen capture 09052013 223441.bmp
5:34 PM by grasshopper01

 Feets! by ClareEliz

05092013_650PM 3
6:50 PM Backing up to Slice
by elly012912

05092013_650PM 5
6:50 PM Just Missed Mom
by elly012912

05092013_717_Hawklet in Mid-Hop
7:17 PM Hawklet in Mid-Hop by elly012912

05092013_717 PM_Hawklet Sticks The Landing
7:17 PM Sticks the Landing! by elly012912

05092013_821PM_BR Can't Hide From Daisybird
8:21 PM BR Can't Hide From Daisybird
by elly012912

05092013_827PM_Hawklet with Pigeon Foot that Mom Eventually Ate
8:27 Hawklet with Pigeon Foot
that Mom Eventually Ate
by elly012912

 9:03 PM Good Night by Nomibird