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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Highlights for Tuesday, May 21

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  • Updated Posts Today:  Updated BR's Bark Tree with Recent Foliage Photos
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Videos and Screenshots from Today

  1. 8:26 AM Big Red Gets Oak Leaf Cluster ncaerie
  2. 9:10 AM Big Red Glides Home! ncaerie
  3. 9:25 AM D2 Mantles Prey; D1 Makes A Steal! ncaerie
  4. 9:56 AM Starling Watch ncaerie
  5. 10:42 AM Ezra, Mighty Hunter Saves The Day For D2 & D3 ncaerie
  6. 10:55 AM Relaxing After A Big Meal ncaerie
  7. 12:20 PM Nestling Is On A Starling Stake-Out! ncaerie
  8. 12:36 PM Where Oh Where Has Our Little One Gone ncaerie
  9. 1:40 PM Ezra Makes Siesta Check ncaerie
  10. 1:40 PM Enough Napping Time To Play! ncaerie
  11. 2:08 PM Rip It Good! ncaerie
  12. 3:20 PM Fed Ez Delivers Another Rabbit ncaerie
  13. --- EZ delivers chippie and leaves carrionmywaywardson
  14. --- Starling escaping pipe carrionmywaywardson
  15. 5:09 PM Sleeping With The Rabbit ncaerie
  16. 5:37 PM Beautiful BR on the Railing Does the Upside Down Raptor Head elly012912
  17. 7:16 PM D2 Says, "I Am Just Going to Sit Here and Flex My Talons" elly012912
  18. 7:46 PM What Are You Looking At D3? elly012912
  19. 7:55 PM Ez Delivers Prey; D1 Mantles elly012912

05212013_807AM_D1 in Front, D2 in Back
8:07 AM D1 in Front, D2 in Back
by elly012912

9:04 AM BR by grasshopper01

  Ready for that manicure   
Ready for That Manicure by geralynww

almost a month apart
Almost a Month Apart by grasshopper01

Cornell RTH 5/21/2013
12:13 PM by Renowabbit

View of tongue May 21
12:45 PM D1's Tongue by carrionmywaywardson

12:58 PM by MV

3 hot hawklets May 21
2:23 PM 3 Hot Hawklets
by carrionmywaywardson

Yawn ... mouth stretch .. ready to cast ..?. 5-21-13
Yawn...Ready to Cast? by CLMbirds

3:00 PM by MV

05212013_610PM_BR Upside Down Head
6:10 PM BR Does Upside Down Raptor Head
by elly012912

6:14 PM Ez Delivers Prey

Avian Prey 5/21/13 #2
6:14 PM Avian Prey Delivered by Ezra by gpeterson

05212013_617PM_Beautiful D3
6:17 PM D3

6:30 PM D1 by elly012912

05212013_644PM_Watching Starling
6:44 PM Watching Starlings
by elly012912

05212013_720PM D2 Flexing Talons
7:27 PM D2 Flexing Talons
by elly012912

05212013_746PM_Something Has D3s Attention
7:46 PM What Do You See D3?

05212013_755PM_D1 Mantles Prey Ezra Brought
7:55 D1 Mantles Prey Delivered by Ezra
by elly012912

 7:57 PM Nibbling at Ez's Most Recent Delivery by MV

8:06 PM by elly012912

05212013_841PM_D3 Closest to Cam
8:41 PM D3 Closest to Cam
by elly012912

G'night BR and family
Good Night BR and Family
by RedTailRhumba