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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Highlights for Tuesday, May 28

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Videos and Screenshots from Today

  1.  8:53 AM Almost Twins ncaerie
  2. 8:54 AM Big Red Brings Squirrel Home ncaerie
  3. 9:10 AM D3 Gets Personal Delivery From Dad! ncaerie
  4. 9:15 AM Boo! Who Startled Who ncaerie
  5. 12:34 PM D1 or D2 Gets An Appetizer ncaerie
  6. 12:39 PM BR Makes Pigeon The Main Course For Lunch ncaerie
  7. 2:39 PM D3 Takes A Break From Napping! ncaerie
  8. 3:30 PM Serious Flappercise! ncaerie
  9. 4:09 PM Big Red Feasts On Her Prey! ncaerie
  10. 4:40 PM These Eyes! ncaerie
  11. 6:15 PM D1 Getting Some Great Air elly012912
  12. 8:25 PM Both Mom and Dad Deliver elly012912
  13. 8:43 PM Mom is Home to Tuck Everyone In elly012912

spotted pantaloons
6:07 AM Spotted Pantaloons by grasshopper01

detail of feathers
6:38 AM Feather Detail by grasshopper01

by babynurse11

7:52 AM by elly012912

7:56 AM Robin by grasshopper01

EZ brings a squirrel at 8.10
8:10 AM Squirrel by RedTailRhumba

8:15 AM BR Takes Squirrel to Unzip It
by aliclaws

12:26 PM Ez Delivery by MV

OK, now what do I do? 5-28-13
D3 Ok, Now What Do I Do? by CLMbirds

Flapping 5-28-13
Flapping by CLMbirds

11:25 AM 3-2-1 From Back by elly012912

Fullscreen capture 5282013 123958 PM
12:39 PM by peakid

Fullscreen capture 5282013 124815 PM.bmp
 12:48 PM D1's Feet on Left, D3's on Right
by GulfCoastRita

Glaring at D3 for waking them
2:34 PM Glaring at D3 for Waking Them
by grasshopper01

3:34 PM D2 in Front by MV

Fullscreen capture 5282013 43509 PM
4:35 PM D1 by peakid

05282013_450 PM_D1
4:50 PM D1 by elly012912

 4:50 PM D2 by MV

28 May 2013
D3 by CaSkyWatcher

standing tall
 Standing Tall by geralynnww

Warble by babynurse11

D1 by babynurse11

Ez Delivery by babynurse11

05282013_825PM_1_BR and Ez Deliver
8:25 PM by elly012912

For peakid
Greenhouses by babynurse11

05282013_847PM_BR Good Night Kisses
8:47 PM BR Tucking the Kids In by elly012912

05282013_853PM_BR Good Night Kisses
8:53 PM BR Good Night Kisses by elly012912