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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Highlights for Wednesday, May 15

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  • Other Blog Updates: Added page for More Bedtime Stories, with the first one from Renorabbit!

Videos and Screenshots from Today
  1. 9:13 AM Pigeon Tartare ncaerie
  2. 9:48 AM Preening and Baby 'Kisses' ncaerie
  3. 10:56 AM Full Tummies, Wing Exercise, & A Nice 'Slice' ncaerie
  4. 12:04 PM It's The Only Way To Watch The World Go By ncaerie
  5. 12:10 PM Wind & Wings..I'd Better Sit Down! ncaerie
  6. --- Flapping around on a windy day carrionmywaywardson
  7. 12:59 PM Emerging Feathers & Big Feathers ncaerie
  8. 1:11 PM Ezra Arrives With A  New Branch of Greenery ncaerie
  9. 1:23 PM Big Red Is Back! Vocalizing In Her Outdoor Voice! ncaerie
  10. 3:33 PM You Watch That Way & I'll Watch This Way ncaerie
  11. 5:00 PM We're Watching You! ncaerie
  12. 5:37 PM Cute Baby Warbles & Adorable Little Tail Wiggle ncaerie
  13. 8:20 PM Great Evening Feather Closeup elly012912
  14. 8:28 PM Getting So Big and Strong elly012912
  15. 8:45 PM BR Drops Down to Snuggle In the Nestlings elly012912

6:09 AM Hawklets at 21 Days by Grandad Rufus

6:10 AM by Grandad Rufus

Fullscreen capture 5152013 81325 AM.bmp
8:13 AM by GulfCoastRita

 12:06 PM by MV

12:30 PM by MV

 1:21 PM by MV

mommy toes
3:45 PM Mommy Toes by geralynww

join the love train
4:47 PM Join The Love Train
by grasshopper01

I Can Sing If I Want To
I Can Sing if I Want To
by ncaerie

5:53 PM by elly012912

Cornell RTH 5/15/2013
 5:54 PM by Renowabbit

5:55 PM by elly012912

7:04  PM by elly012912

7:31 PM by elly012912

7:50 PM BR by elly012912

05152013_751PM 2
7:51 PM BR by elly012912

a BR close-up... requested by ima
7:54 PM BR Closeup by RedTailRhumba

8:20 PM Feather Closeup by elly012912

05152013_825PM 1
8:25 PM by elly012912

8:29 PM by elly012912

8:47 PM BR Drops Down to Snuggle the Kids In

8:50 PM by elly012912

05152013_851PM Good Night
8:51 PM Good Night by elly012912