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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Highlights for Wednesday, May 22

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05-21-2014 - Good night!
Nestoon by LottiesMimi
(Screenshot from 5/21/2013)

Videos and Screenshots from Today

  1. 5:52 AM D2 Tries to Stand on One Leg elly012912
  2. 8:31 AM Proud Mom Watches Her Kids ncaerie
  3. 8:49 AM BR Brings Oak Leaves Stays To Feed D1 & D2 ncaerie
  4. 9:53 AM Thanks For The Stick; Now Off You Go! ncaerie
  5. 9:57 AM D3 Gets Big Red's Loving Attention ncaerie
  6. 10:53 AM It's All About Wings! ncaerie
  7. 11:20 AM Rain Rain Go Away! ncaerie
  8. 11:41 AM A Wet Bedraggled Foursome! ncaerie
  9. 12:10 PM Look Ma! I Have Naturally Curly Feathers! ncaerie
  10. 12:42 PM Nothing Like A Snuggle After A Hard Rain! ncaerie
  11. 12:59 PM Hawk Fashions Today..Tailfeather Hats ncaerie
  12. 1:14 PM Fabulous Feathers Must Be Preened! ncaerie
  13. 2:02 PM Vole Delivery Let's Eat! ncaerie
  14. --- Nestling watches starlings lol carrionmywaywardson
  15. 3:53 PM D1 & D3 Have Close Encounter With A Starling! ncaerie
  16. 4:30 PM Close Encounter #2 For D3 ncaerie
  17. 4:40 PM BR In Mom Mode Preening The 'Kids' ncaerie
  18. 7:43 PM Beautiful Evening Flappercise by D3 elly012912
  19. 8:26 PM D3 Just Being Adorable elly012912

05222013_552AM_D3 Attempts to Stand on One Leg
5:52 AM D2 Attempts to Stand on One Leg
by elly012912

05222013_554AM_D3 Attempts to Stand on One Leg
5:54 AM D2 Attempts to Stand on One Leg
by elly012912

whta's that up there?
6:22 AM by grasshopper01

another cheeky starling
7:02 AM Another Cheeky Starling by grasshopper01

Getting my color on
D1 Getting My Color On by geralynww

05222013_811AM_D2 Tail
8:11 AM D2 Tail by elly012912

9:19 AM D2 zzzzzz by grasshopper01

Fullscreen capture 5222013 92807 AM.bmp
9:28 AM D1 Tail by GulfCoastRita

shake that tail feather
9:39 AM D3 Shake That Tailfeather by grasshopper01

Rain, rain go away
11:09 AM Rain, Rain, Go Away by RedTailRhumba

Rainy - 22 May 2013 11:16
11:16 AM Rainy by CaSkyWatcher

11:37 AM by MV

Fullscreen capture 5222013 114441 AM.bmp
11:44 AM D1 Slice by GulfCoastRita

12:43 PM D1 by MV

1:08 PM D1 Using D2's "Tailbrella" by sebourne

Not Red Yet, But Beautiful
Not Red Yet , But Beautiful (D1) by ncaerie

2:00 PM Parental Conference by MV

2:03 PM D1 Self-Feeding by MV

New Mystery Prey by peakid

05222013_735PM_D1, D2, D3 Snoozing in Line
7:35 PM D1, D2, D3 Sleeping in Line
by elly012912

7:40 PM D3 by elly012912

05222013_806PM_D1 and D2
8:06 PM D1 and D2 by elly012912

8:23 PM D3 by elly012912

Fullscreen capture 5222013 85135 PM
8:51 PM Good Night by elly012912