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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Highlights for Wednesday, May 29

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Videos and Screenshots from Today

  1. 8:41 AM D3's Pellet Cast ncaerie
  2. 10:10 AM D2 Stalks the Starling! ncaerie
  3. 10:40 AM Come Back Pop! We Can't Open This ncaerie
  4. 10:56 AM Big Red Arrives To Feed the Hungry D's ncaerie
  5. 11:48 AM Close Up On Beauty ncaerie
  6. 12:31 PM D's Get Flap Happy! ncaerie
  7. 1:31 PM D1 Says Hello, How Are You? ncaerie
  8. 1:35 PM Big Red Is Redecorating..Again! ncaerie
  9. 2:45 PM Siblings Play...Then Oops!  Bark Goes Overboard! ncaerie
  10. 3:00 PM Kids Are Ready To Eat & BR Obliges ncaerie
  11. 4:38 PM Ezra Is Loading The Pantry ncaerie
  12. 4:41 PM Ezra Soars Circles In The Sky Over Bradfield! ncaerie
  13. 5:41 PM The Eyes Have It ncaerie
  14. 5:45 PM D1, Did You Get Caught In A Shower of Dandelions? ncaerie
  15. 6:36 PM Big Wings, Big Flappercises, and a Big Leap from D1 elly012912
  16. 6:51 PM Flappercising in the Rain and Hail elly012912
  17. 7:49 PM BR Snarfs Squirrel While D1 and D3 Look on In Amazement elly012912
  18. 8:39 PM GP Catches BR Flying Off Nearby Light Pole elly012912

6:38 AM by sebourne

pretty pantaloons
6:48 AM by grasshopper01

look how long it is!
7:12 AM by grasshopper01

wow, just wow
8:13 AM by grasshopper01

May 29 cast
8:43 AM D3 Cast by carrionmywaywardson

Fullscreen capture 5292013 122322 PM
by babynurse11

05292013_1037AM_Ez Delivery
10:37 AM Ez Delivery

Fullscreen capture 5292013 102654 AM
11:26 AM by babynurse11

BR by babynurse11

11:47 AM by babynurse11

11:50 AM by babynurse11

D2 by babynurse11

Fullscreen capture 5292013 105756 AM
11:57 AM D2 on Left, D3 on Right
By Benjammin1

D2. D3   Kisses
D2, D3 Kisses by babynurse11

Fullscreen capture 5292013 105826 AM
11:58 AM D2, D3 by Benjammin1

Fullscreen capture 5292013 111921 AM
12:19 PM D1 by Benjammin1

D3 is monitoring starling traffic 5-29-13
D3 Monitoring Starling Traffic by CLMbirds

1:41 PM D1 by MV

2:58 PM by MV

05292013_439PM_Ez Delivery
4:39 PM Ez Delivery by elly012912

05292013_441PM_Ez Soars Over Bradfield
4:41 PM Ez Soars Over Bradfield
by elly012912

Fullscreen capture 5292013 54529 PM
5:45 PM D3 by peakid

Fullscreen capture 5292013 63219 PM
6:32 PM D3 by peakid

Beautiful coloring - 29 May 2013
D1 and D2 by CaSkyWatcher

05292013_635PM_D1 Looks at a Starling
6:35 PM D1 Looks at Starling by elly012912

6:46 PM D1 by elly019212

05292013_651PM_D1 Flappercising in the Rain
6:51 PM D1 Flappercising in the Rain
by elly012912

05292013_653PM_D2 Flappercising in the Rain
6:53 PM D2 Flappercising in the Rain
by elly012912

29 May 2013 18:55
6:55 PM D3 by CASkyWatcher

05292013_655PM_D3 Flappercising in the Rain
6:55 PM D3 Flappercising in the Rain
by elly012912

29 May 2013 18:58
6:58 PM by CaSkyWatcher

 7:38 PM by MV

8:27 PM by elly012912

05292013_839PM_BR Flyoff
8:39 BR Flyoff from Nearby Nestpole
by elly012912

Fullscreen capture 5292013 91749 PM
9:17 PM Good Night by elly012912