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Friday, June 7, 2013

2013 D2's Current Situation, June 7

6/7/2013, 4:05 PM, Posted to #cornellhawks Twitter:
D2 didn't PLAN to fledge so she actually fell although she opened her wings so she didn't get hurt. But she didn't really fly. Now she's in a foreign landscape, not really sure what to do and she had to deal with a lot of humans up in her face which was scary. Then she had to work her way out of the lilac bushes and that was not easy. For a while, she was literally swimming on top of the lilacs. Add to that the fact that it rained yesterday, making her feathers heavy and wet. All that means, to escape the bushes, she had to use muscles that hadn't been used that strenuously before so they probably hurt today. So, like any normal critter, she's just resting today, not pushing herself. And right now, there's no danger and no REASON to push herself. When she's ready and feeling strong, she'll make her move. Any one of those factors would have slowed her down, but all of them together--she's just resting. I would NOT assume that she hasn't been fed. There's no reason to believe that her parents would let her go hungry. She'd be wailing up a storm if she were hungry (trust me on this!) and she's not. She's quiet and calm. What's happening isn't ideal, but it's not that unusual either. The most dangerous time of fledging is immediately after they leave the nest. So, at this time, there's no need to worry, no need to intervene. Just wait and watch and be PATIENT!

6-5-13 1211 D2
06052013 D2 "Swimming" in Lilacs by babynurse

D2 6 June 2013 by Robin
06062013 BOG Photo of D2 by naturgrl