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Friday, June 14, 2013

Highlights for Friday, June 14

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BOG Photo Gallery
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from trtledove:

 D2 on Greenhouse

D2 on Greenhouse

BR on Light Tower

D3 on the Handicapped Parking Sign
(also from trtldove)

from christinebshoals:

D1 on 14 June 2013 by ccb5.

D2 and BR on 14 June 2013 by ccb5
D2 and BR

D3a on 14 June 2013 by ccb5

D1 Plant Science gargoyle on 14 June 2013 by ccb5
D1 Plant Sciences Gargoyle

D3 heading towards Weill courtyard on 14 June 2013 by ccb5
D3 in Flight Towards Weill Courtyard

BR in flight1 on 14 June 2013 by ccb5
Big Red in Flight

BR in flight2 on 14 June 1013 by ccb5
Big Red in Flight

Other Photos and Videos From Today

See MidAmRef's Google Doc Here!
Latest Nestcam Landmarks & Blindspot Maps

  1. 8:10 AM Karels Cam D2 and D3 In New Locations ncaerie
  2. 8:26 AM D3 On Fence Below Nest ncaerie
  3. 8:45 AM D1 Is Strategically Located Between Siblings ncaerie
  4. 9:36 AM D2 Has Breakfast at Mann Library ncaerie
  5. 1:54 PM D1..."Dad Says Kill The Prey Before You Eat"! ncaerie
  6. 2:00 PM Prey Is Dead...Let Feasting Begin ncaerie
  7. 2:34 PM Knock Down Food Fight! ncaerie
  8. 3:35 PM Having Their Moment in The Sun! ncaerie
  9. 7:26 PM Juvie Arrives at Plant Science elly012912
  10. ---    BR? and fledgling eating on plant sciences roof carrionmywaywardson
  11. 7:36 PM  Juvie and Parent Dine on Plant Science Roof elly012912

D1 6142013 74650 AM
8:46 AM D1 by Raptor Chickie

11:52 AM D2 by sebourne

D2 stretching - 14 Jun 2013 13:02
10:02 PM D2 Stretching by CaSkyWatcher

Fullscreen capture 6142013 15229 PM.bmp
1:52 PM D1 Arrives at Nest by GulfCoastRita

D1 returns to nest to feed 6142013 125330 PM /
1:25 PM D1 Eating at Nest by Raptor Chickie

1:54 PM D1 by MV

Fullscreen capture 6142013 20228 PM.bmp
2:02 PM D1 by GulfCoastRita

2:15 PM D1 by grasshopper01

D eating
2:31 PM D1 by grasshopper01

Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 3.36.15 PM
3:36 PM D1 and D2 on Plant Sciences by hawkmama

06142013_728PM_Juvie on Plant Science
7:28 PM Juvie on Plant Sciences by elly012912

06142013_736PM_Adult with Food Delivery
7:36 PM Adult with Food Delivery by elly012912

06142013_736PM_Juvie on Plant Science Mantling Food from Parent
7:36 PM Juvie Mantles Food from Parent by elly012912

06142013_801PM_Juvie and Adult Eating on Plant Science
8:01 PM Juvie and Parent Eating by elly012912

Fullscreen capture 6142013 83218 PM.bmp
8:32 PM Possibly BR on Rice Hall by GulfCoastRita

8:38 PM Good Night by elly012912

(A Red-Tailed Tale)

BR and EZ both conferred,
And laid some twigs where they preferred,
But when the VIPs at Cornell heard,
They raced to catch the glory.

An RT nest?  We had to peek!
And hours, then days, turned into weeks.
We forewent food; we sidestepped sleep.
We couldn’t miss this story!

We came to know each feathered elf,
As workload piled upon the shelf.
If Audubon were here himself,
He’d no doubt join the cause.

We lurked until it felt intrusive,
Family, friends found us reclusive,
Thanks to Cornell’s sweet exclusive.
(Hear our loud applause!!!)

Upon her perch, D3 transfixed,
Ferocious flaps and tail flicks,
Hunting wayward starling chicks,
When D1 ditched the nest.

Besotted lurkers, near and far,
Watched D2 chawk-art Raylene’s car,
And D3?  She was born a star.
Those pantaloons are best!!

A mighty flap and D1 vaulted,
O’er the edge, he somersaulted,
And, as one, our breathing halted,
But he soared in style.

Another “fell-edge,” a windy day,
A wrenching, single-toed ballet.
“C’mon, D2!!” we cursed, we prayed,
And triumph trumped her trial.

D3 remained upon her ledge,
To contemplate this thing called “fledge.”
Midst chippie butts and starling Pez,
She wisely did postpone.

For seven days, our charming dear,
Did play us like a puppeteer.
She earned her wings with heartfelt cheer,
And deftly left her throne.

From egg to fledge, we’ve been entranced,
To rendezvous such circumstance.
Oh, what a lively, lovely dance,
For all the world to see!!

Through Stone Age mist and dewy chill,
‘Fore sun’s first kiss can warm the hill,
In buoyant bliss, our RTs shrill:
D1!!!  D2!!!  D3!!!

Poem by S. Heffner © 2013