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Friday, June 21, 2013

Highlights for Friday, June 21

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  • Updated Posts Today: Updated Nest Location Info with link to Maps by MidAmRef. Maps link has also been added to navigation on the right-hand side of the blog under Chat Reference Links.
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BOG Gallery
Photos by christinebshoals
(Click on Photos to See Them Full-Size on Flickr)

D2 flight from nest 21 June 2013 by ccb5
D2 Flight from Nest Area

D2 flying free 21 June 2013 by ccb5

D2 calling in flighta21 June 2013 by ccb5
D2 Calling in Flight

Photos and Videos from Today

  1. 7:55 AM Karel's Cam Morning Tour Discovers Two Fledglings ncaerie
  2. ---  Ds on Karels cam carrionmywaywardson
  3. 8:45 AM Beautiful Flight Captured On Morning Tour! (Karels Cam) ncaerie
  4. --- Karels captures D in flight carrionmywaywardson
  5. 9:26 AM Breakfast on the Patio ncaerie
  6. 9:47 AM Buurp! Now What Can I Do ncaerie
  7. 10:02 AM D3 Hangs Around The Playground ncaerie
  8. 12:32 PM D3 Gets Brief Sibling Visit ncaerie
  9. 1:09 PM Slippery Pipe & Hot Feet...Not Fun! ncaerie
  10. 2:42 PM Bug Hunting! ncaerie
  11. 8:22 PM All 3 Ds on the Plant Science Roof Around Sunset elly012912

Fullscreen capture 21062013 110723.bmp
6:07 AM by grasshopper01

Fullscreen capture 21062013 113532.bmp
6:35 AM by grasshopper01

Fullscreen capture 21062013 113537.bmp
6:35 AM by grasshopper01

D1 D2 8-25 on S Tower 1 20130621
D1, D2 by MidAmRef from Karels Cam

D1 D2 8-15 on S Tower 1 20130621
D1, D2 by MidAmRef from Karels Cam

Fullscreen capture 21062013 142834.bmp
9:28 AM by grasshopper01

 6:40 PM by MV

6:47 PM by elly012912

8:23 PM by elly012912

8:23 PM by elly012912

Fullscreen capture 6212013 82943 PM
8:29 PM by peakid

Fullscreen capture 6212013 83425 PM
8:34 PM by elly012912

8:36 PM by elly012912

June21, 9:10 Sunset; Sleep Well Our Hawk Family!
9:10 PM by Birder23
Good Night