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Friday, June 7, 2013

Highlights for Friday, June 7

  • D1: Returned to Nest at 6:45 AM
    D1 flew off again to nearby light pole late PM
  • D2: Still on Fence by Lilacs
    Read about D2's Current Situation
  • D3: Fledge Watch Continues!
    D3 Caught a Starling in the  Nest at 9AM

6/6/2013 BOG Photos of D2 by naturgrl

D2 6 June 2013 by Robin

D2 6 June 2013 by Robin

6/7/2013 2:30 PM BOG Photo of D2 by kariblinn

BOG Videos from songbirdie of D1 and D2
from June 4 and June 5:

BOG Video of D2 from Andrew from Today, 7:10 PM:

Videos and Screenshots from Today

  1. 6:45 AM D1 Makes a Fabulous Return To The Nest elly012912
  2. --- D1 returns to nest for first time after fledge. EZ brings squirrel ChinooksVids
  3. 8:39 AM Yep, Mom & Dad Oughta Get That Fixed! ncaerie
  4. 9:01 AM D3 Gets Her First Kill ncaerie
  5. --- D3 eating captured starling fledgling carrionmywaywardson
  6. 9:48 AM Starling Drop From Ezra! ncaerie
  7. 10:33 AM Big Red & Ezra Make Deliveries & Nest Check ncaerie
  8. 11:05 AM New Departure Gate For Big Red ncaerie
  9. 11:38 AM Let's Have A Flapping Party! ncaerie
  10. 12:51 PM I'm Exhausted! Nothing Is Gonna Wake Me... ncaerie
  11. 2:06 PM She's Got Style She's Got Grace... ncaerie
  12. 2:15 PM Starling Yum Yums ncaerie
  13. 4:05 PM Head To Toe CloseUp! ncaerie
  14. 4:44 PM Big Red Soars From Weill Hall To Bradfield Hall ncaerie
  15. 4:54 PM Nooooooo Mom, It's MIne! ncaerie
  16. 6:25 PM Clips of Closeups of D3 and D1 elly012912
  17. 6:58 PM Cute Sibling Beaking betweeen D1 and D3 elly012912
  18. 8:37 PM Mom and D1 at Nearby Light Pole elly012912

5:25 AM Ez Feeds D3 by aliclaws

6-7-13 0645 D1 returns to nest
6:45 AM D1 Returns to Nest by babynurse

Fullscreen capture 672013 64456 AM.bmp
6:45 AM D1 Returns to Nest by GulfCoastRita

6-7-13 0811 D1 glad to be home
 8:11 AM D1 Glad to be Home by babynurse

Last Red-tailed Hawk nestling pounces on juvenile starling
9:00 AM D3 Pounces on Juvenile Starling
by Cornell Lab of Ornithology

D-3 catches a starling!
D3 Catches a Starling by RedTailRhumba

6-7-13 1040
10:40 AM D3 by babynurse

11:05 AM BR Departs Over Lightboxes by MV

Fullscreen capture 07062013 164114.bmp
11:41 AM by grasshopper01

11:44 AM D1 and D3 by sebourne

D1 and D3
11:45 AM by grasshopper01

12:00 PM BR and D3 by sebourne

3:15 PM D1 in Front by MV

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 4.04.35 PM
4:04 PM D3 by hawkmama

BR checking D2
5:34 PM BR Checking on D2 by grasshopper01

D1 on return home day 6-7-2013
6:45 PM D1 by 1ladydi

4:57 PM BR Feeding D1 and D2 by sebourne

 5:22 PM by MV

6:03 PM Ez Delivers Squirrel by MV

6:50 PM D3 Gets Some Air by MV

6-7-13 1854 D1 I'm a big bird now!
6:54 PM D1 by babynurse

6-7-13 1855
 6:55 PM D1 by babynurse

6:56 PM D3 by MV

6-7-13 1900 D1 D3 kisses
7:00 PM D1, D3 Kisses by babynurse

7:00 PM by sebourne

Fullscreen capture 672013 83356 PM
8:33 PM BR and D1 by peakid

9:11 PM Good Night by elly012912