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Monday, June 10, 2013

Highlights for Monday, June 10

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    D2 Walk-About Map 20130609 Update2 20130610
    Map of D2's Journey by MidAmRef
    (Click on Photo to See Details on Flickr)

    06092013_206PM_D2 Ferris Cam
    06092013 2:06 PM D2 on Raylene's Car from Ferris Cam
    by elly012912

    D2's Scratches on Raylene's Car
    Photo by sully7140

    Photos and Videos from Today

    1. 7:30 AM D3 Out on Fledge Ledge Contemplating Fledging elly012912
    2. 7:39 AM D3 "Killing" a Branch in the Nest elly012912
    3. 7:52 AM D1 Drops In For Breakfast ncaerie
    4. 7:57 AM D1 Wants It All! ncaerie
    5. 9:02 AM Big Red Takes Chipmunk to D2's Tree Perch ncaerie
    6. 9:50 AM D3 Tantalizes With Flapping and Sitting On The Edge ncaerie
    7. 10:14 AM Ezra Is Stocking Up On Supplies! ncaerie
    8. 10:22 AM D1 Plays Glider Pilot On "Fledge Ledge" ncaerie
    9. 10:25 AM Big Red Brings Squirrel To Nest ncaerie
    10. 10:46 AM Slumber Party With A Squirrel ncaerie
    11. 11:54 AM Our Drama Queen D3 is At It Again! ncaerie
    12. 12:11 PM D1 Demonstrates His Kiting Techniques to D3 ncaerie
    13. 12:18 PM Time to Take a Shower! ncaerie
    14. --- D1 and D3 on fledge ledge carrionmywaywardson
    15. 1:51 PM D1 Joins Mom in a Feeding Session ncaerie
    16. 3:37 PM Quietly Taking In the Scenery ncaerie
    17. 4:47 PM Big Red Harassed By Crow ncaerie
    18. 7:51 PM D1 Departs for His Light Tower elly012912
    19. 8:32 PM D2 in Tree Near Weill elly012912

    7:26 AM D3 by sebourne

    D3FlappingInNest 6102013 73950 AM
    7:39 AM D3 Flapping in Nest by pamlefcourt

    D3 Slice by BelleRinger

    D1 Mantles Prey by BelleRinger

    BR Feeds D1 by BelleRinger

    6-10-13 0921
    9:21 AM BR Flying to Branch from Greenhouse by babynurse

    Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 9.32.30 AM
    9:32 AM D1 by hawkmama

    6-10-13 0934
    9:34 AM D3 and D1 by babynurse

    D3 and D1 by BelleRinger

    10:15 AM Ez, D1, D3 by sebourne

    6-10-13 1017
    10:15 AM D3, Ez, D1 by babynurse

    6-10-13 1015
    10:17 AM D3 by babynurse

    D3's am practice flying - 10 Jun 2013 11:4?
    D3 and D1 by CaSkyWatcher

    Fullscreen capture 6102013 114706 AM
    11:47 AM D1, D3 by peakid

    11:56 AM D3 by CynVision

    12:19 PM D1, D3 by sebourne

    D1 D3 Practice Kiting 12-22 pm 20130610
    12:22 PM D3, D1 by MidAmRef

    06102013_646PM_BR Feeds D1
    6:46 PM BR Feeds D1 by elly012912

    06102013_705PM_D1 on Fledge Ledge
    7:05 PM D1 on Fledge Ledge by elly012912

    D3 by BelleRinger

    7:51 PM D1 On His Light Tower by BelleRinger

    8:05 PM D3 by elly012912

    06102013_830PM_D2 in Tree Near Weill
    8:30 PM D2 in Tree Near Weill by elly012912

    Fullscreen capture 6102013 90147 PM
    9:01 PM Good Night by elly012912

     9:43 PM And Good Night D2 by elly012912