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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Highlights for Saturday, June 1

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Videos and Screenshots from Today

  1. 5:58 AM Mom and D1 at the End of the Nest Platform elly012912
  2. 6:27 AM D1 Enjoying Time Near the Fledge Ledge (Clips from Over 1 Hour) elly012912
  3. 8:52 AM D1 Watches Ez Fly Away After Food Delivery elly012912
  4. 9:16 AM D1 Out on the Edge with BR Again, Then More Flapping! elly012912
  5. 9:29 AM Fed Ez is Very Busy This Morning (9:29 and 10:11 Deliveries) elly012912
  6. 10:43 AM My, What Big Feet You Have, D2 elly012912
  7. 10:47 AM D1 and D2 Tracking...Mom or Dad? elly012912
  8. 11:17 AM D3 elly012912
  9. 11:25 AM D1 elly012912
  10. 1:16 PM More D1 elly012912
  11. 1:56 PM Lots of Vocals at Ez Delivery; D1 Takes the Chippie elly012912
  12. 2:05 PM BR Arrives With Bird and Lets the Ds Know She is Still in Charge elly012912
  13. 2:39 PM Ez Delivery; D2 Dances with Bird Eventually Opens It elly012912
  14. --- flappercising then nestling goes after starling at 1:14? carrionmywaywardson
  15. 6:15 PM Ez Flies Off Bradfield elly012912
  16. 6:42 PM Big Red Starts Dinner For D1 & D2 ncaerie
  17. 7:30 PM D1 Is Waiting For Clearance On A Runway Called "Instincts" ncaerie

6:16 AM D1 by aliclaws

7:22 AM D1 by elly012912

7:42 AM D1 by sebourne

06012013_852AM_D1 Watching Ez Flying Off After Delivery
8:52 AM D1 Watches Ez Fly Away After Food Delivery

D1 joins Big Red beyond the sticks - 1 Jun 2013 09:03
9:03 AM Mom and D1 by CaSkyWatcher

06012013_1043A_D2 in Front, D1 in Back
10:43 AM D2 in Front With the Big Feet
by elly012912

06012013_1047AM_1_D2 and D1
10:47 AM D2 and D1 by elly012912

11:24 AM D3 by elly012912

1 Jun 2013 13:31
1:31 PM D1 by CaSkyWatcher

06012013_156PM_Ez Delivers Chippie
1:56 PM Ez Delivers Chippie by elly012912

06012013_203PM_We See Mom
2:03 PM We See Mom by elly012912

2:05 PM BR Arrives with Bird by MV

06012013_243PM_D2 Dancing with Bird
2:43 PM D2 Dances With Bird by elly012912

5:06 PM D1 in Front, D2 in Back by MV

 6:05 PM BR on Fledge Ledge by MV
from Ferris Tour

6:16 PM Ez on Bradfield by MV from Ferris Tour

6:49 PM by MV from Ferris Tour

 7:48 PM D1 and D2 by MV

8:31 PM D3 by elly012912

9:08 PM Good Night by elly012912

Hawk Chalk Pics by grasshopper01

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