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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Highlights for Sunday, June 16

Of course he won!
Ezra Wins Father of the Year for Father's Day
by grasshopper01

Great BOG Photos by sully7140
 (Click on Individual Photos to See Them Full-Size on Flickr)

6/15/2013 D2

6/15/2013 Hawk Crossing

6/9/2013 Ezra in Minn's Garden

6/9/2013 BR Sunning

(I posted several similar BR and EZ photos from Sully from the 9th
previously but Sully has more on her page now.)

Forgot to post this yesterday, but great photos of Ezra visiting Kennedy Hall were taken on June 13 by cloudbuster. They are on Facebook on the CALS page. Click here to see them!

Highlights from Karel's BOG Visit to the Ds This Morning

Highlights Video by elly012912. To View All 40 minutes of the broadcast, See Karel's
Livestream Event Here. Although the Event says 6/15, the first video is the 6/16 video.

Other Photos and Videos From Today

  1. 7:58 AM Fledgling Bug Hunting
  2. --- About 9:00ish Highlights from Karels Cam This Morning
  3. 9:02 AM D1 at Nest, part 1
  4. 9:12 AM D1 at Nest, part 2
  5. 9:24 AM D1 at Nest, part 3
  6. 10:15 AM D2 and D3 (probably) on Plant Science, More Bug Hunting
  7. 10:25 AM D3 (probably) with Nice Flight off Plant Science
  8. 12:09 PM D on a New Plant Science Perch
  9. 1:51 PM Playing in the Wind
  10. 2:22 PM All 3 Ds on Plant Science
  11. 2:51 PM Food Fight!
  12. 3:47 PM Food Drop by BR
  13. 5:29 PM Another Food Drop, Lots of Mantling
  14. 5:43 PM D Pretty Wing Spread

Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 7.05.23 AM
7:05 AM 2 Ds by oldbeak

Fullscreen capture 16062013 130501.bmp
8:05 AM Hunting Bugs by grasshopper01

Fullscreen capture 16062013 130546.bmp
8:05 AM Hunting Bugs by grasshopper01

off it goes
8:05 AM Bug Hunter Flies Off by grasshopper01

8:43 AM D Wings by elly012912

06162013_2_903AM_D1 at Nest
9:03 AM D1 by elly012912

D1's heart pantaloons - 16 Jun 2013 09:04
9:04 AM D1 at Nest by CaSkyWatcher

9:06 AM D1 at Nest by sebourne

06162013_900ish_karels cam_2_d2 or d3
D2 or D3 on Karels Cam by elly012912

06162013_900ish_karels cam_3_d2 or d3
 D2 or D3 on Karels Cam by elly012912

06162013_900ish_karels cam_1_d1 headed to nest
D1 Heads Back to Nest (2nd Time) on Karels Cam
by elly012912

10:24 AM D2, D3 by sebourne

06162013_1208PM_D on New Perch
12:08 PM D on a New Perch by elly012912

Fullscreen capture 6162013 13334 PM
1:33 PM by peakid

06162013_152PM_2_D1 Hovering
1:52 PM D1 Hovering by elly012912

Fullscreen capture 16062013 185333.bmp
1:53 PM Hovering by grasshopper01

06162013_153PM_Our Duck Hawk
1:53 PM Our Duck Hawk by elly012912

1_June16, 2:22 Laddering -The Three Ds (d1 above, d2 below we think)
2:22 PM 3 Ds by Birder23

2:48 PM 3 Ds by sebourne

Fullscreen capture 6162013 25426 PM
2:54 PM Food Fight by peakid

2_June16, 2:56 food fight!
2:55 PM Food Fight by Birder23

2:55 PM Food Fight by sebourne

3_June16, 3:05 Friend again after the food fight
3:05 PM Friends Again After the Food Fight
by Birder23

06162013_1_347PM_BR Food Drop
3:47 PM BR Makes Food Drop by elly012912

3 on Ledge by BelleRinger

06162013_505PM_3 Ds
5:05 PM 3 Ds by elly012912

5:31 PM D Mantles Prey from Mom by BelleRinger

06162013_540PM_BR Hopscotching over D
 5:40 BR Flies Over D by elly012912 

06162013_540PM_2_BR Hopscotching over D
5:40 PM BR Lands on Other Side of D by elly012912

06162013_538PM_D Wingspread
5:43 PM D Wingspread by elly012912

5:44 PM D Wingspread by MV

7:05 PM 3 Ds Still Hanging Out by MV

7:33 PM by elly012912

7:51 PM by elly012912

06162013_756PM_one d leaves
7:56 PM One D Leaves To The Right by elly012912

8:05 PM by elly012912

by babynurse

Evening Flight by babynurse

Greenhouses at Night by babynurse
Good Night