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Monday, June 3, 2013

Highlights for Sunday, June 2

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Great BOG Photos by sully7140, Taken June 1




Videos and Screenshots from Today

  1. 7:16 AM Following BR (Clips from between 7:16 and 8:16 AM) elly012912
  2. 7:33 AM D3 Joins D1 Out Near Fledge Ledge elly012912
  3. 9:37 AM D1 Goes Into Hidey Hole; Then Lots of Flappercising from Everyone elly012912
  4. 10:30 AM Ez Delivers Chippie; Ds Do Lots of Dancing Around It elly012912
  5. 11:07 AM BR Delivers Pigeon, Serves Chippie elly012912
  6. 11:52 AM Asleep Standing Up On One Foot! ncaerie
  7. 11:59 AM BR Brings Bark Retreats to Fledge Ledge ncaerie
  8. 12:38 PM Cute Cuddle Huddle ncaerie
  9. 12:57 PM D1 Practices for Fledge elly012912
  10. 2:14 PM BR Arrives With Bark, Feeds Ds, and Goes to Fledge Ledge elly012912
  11. 2:47 PM D1 Hangs Out With Mom Again by the Fledge Ledge elly012912
  12. 3:24 PM D2 Wants to Preen a Not Very Cooperative D3 elly012912
  13. 3:43 PM Quick Intense Shower = Flappy, Wet Hawks elly012912
  14. --- nestling takes swipe at starling pipe carrionmywaywardson
  15. 4:17 PM Fed Ez Delivers Squirrel elly012912
  16. 5:34 PM It's The Delightful, Delovely D3 ncaerie
  17. 5:50 PM Fed Ez Delivers Chippie To A Chorus of Squeals ncaerie
  18. 6:00 PM Ezra Hangs Out With the Kids ncaerie
  19. 6:28 PM Whole Lotta Flappin' Goin' On! ncaerie
  20. 8:55 PM Evening Snuggles and Kisses elly012912

6:36 AM D1 by grasshopper01

6:43 AM D1 by aliclaws

  double wow
 6:45 AM D1 by grasshopper01

  Big Red
7:22 AM BR by grasshopper01

06022013_735AM D1 and D3 Near Fledge Ledge
7:35 AM D1 and D3 by elly012912

8:03 AM BR by grasshopper01

9:37 AM D3 by elly012912

9:39 AM D2 by elly012912

10:00 AM by aliclaws

Big Red returns with bark - 2 Jun 2013 11:27
11:27 AM BR Returns With Bark
by CaSkyWatcher

and she's off
11:29 AM BR Leaving Nest by grasshopper01

What a wing ... 6-2-13
12:39 PM What a Wing by CLMbirds

nom nom
12:48 PM D3 Eats Pigeon by grasshopper01

06022013_216PM_Mom and D1
2:16 PM Mom and D1 by elly012912

06022013_237PM Mom and D1
2:37 PM Mom and D1 by elly012912

Screen Shot 2013-06-02 at 2.46.36 PM
2:46 PM Mom and D1 by hawkmama

2:54 PM D1 Flappercise by MV

2:55 PM D1 Flappercise by MV

Screen Shot 2013-06-02 at 3.06.09 PM
3:06 PM D1 by hawkmama

&Fullscreen capture 622013 32758 PM
3:27 PM D1 by elly012912

3:55 PM Sudden Cloudburst by MV

6-1-13 1723 feeding by big red
5:23 PM BR Feeding by babynurse

6-2-13 1751  Hello handsome
5:51 PM Ez by babynurse

6-2-13 1835 Br gets a wing whap
6:35 PM BR Gets a Wing Whap by babynurse

6:42 PM D2 Flappercises While BR Eats by MV

6-2-13 1846 D1 wingspan
6:46 PM D1 Wingspan by babynurse

June 2 flappercising
6:46 PM by carrionmywaywardson

6-2-13 1920  napping
7:20 PM Napping by babynurse

06022013_903PM_Good Night
9:03 PM Good Night by elly012912

I would like to thank the BOG mystery chalker for the below,
and also sully7140, GulfCoastRita, MV, and hawkmama
for making sure I saw it. Love all of you hawkaholics too! - Elly

Fullscreen capture 622013 54838 PM.bmp
Screenshot by GulfCoastRita