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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Highlights for Thursday, June 6

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    • D1: Spent the Day on Weill Hall Before Flying to a Light Tower Near the Nest at 8:07 PM. D1 Has Been Fed On Top of Weill.
    • D2: Spent the Day On Fence Near the Lilacs. No Food Drop that We Know Of.
    • D3: Fledge Watch Continues!

    The slip and first flight of D1,
    Meant fledge week had finally begun,
    D2's special dangle, gave a new angle,
    Of how hawk fledging is
    by DCLbyrdnyrd

    BOG Video by Songbirdie, D1 in Tree Evening of June 4

    Great BOG Photos from sully7140 from yesterday:
    (Click on her name to see all her pictures!)

    BR and Ez



    nest site location
    Map by grasshopper01 as of June 6 AM

      Great BOG Photos from ccb5 from yesterday:
    Posted by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology


    D2 plummet by ccb5

    D2 walking by ccb5

    D2 looking by ccb5

    D2 safe on ground by ccb5

    D2 on the fence by ccb5

    D1 test flight3 by ccb5

    D2 lady of the lilac2 by ccb5

    D1 perched2 by ccb5
    And one last BOG Photo from yesterday:
    D2 by Anthony B
    Posted by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology

    Second Fledgling Above the Lilacs

    Videos and Photos from Today

    1. 7:10 AM Clips of D1 on Nearby Light Tower elly012912
    2. 8:38 AM The Lovely Lady D3 Awaits Her Snack ncaerie
    3. 9:38 AM D3 Works on Wing Strength ncaerie
    4. 9:53 AM Rain Impedes ID, Could Be D1 ncaerie
    5. 11:21 AM Indecision ncaerie
    6. 12:44 PM Oly, Oly, Oxen Free! ncaerie
    7. 1:07 PM Open Wide! ncaerie
    8. 1:24 PM D1 Hovers Above Weill Hall for a Brief Moment ncaerie
    9. 2:35 PM Fed Ez Express Chippie Delivery ncaerie
    10. 5:07 PM It's Raining It's Pouring... ncaerie
    11. 5:48 PM D3 Being Too Cute in the Rain elly012912
    12. 8:07 PM D1 Flies Off Weill; Is Found on Nearby Light Tower elly012912

    Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 6.49.20 AM
    6:49 AM D3 by oldbeak

    D3 in the nest 6/6/2013
     D3 by oldbeak

    7:05 AM D3 by sebourne

    7:13 AM D1 on Nearby Lights by grasshopper01

    6-6-13 0716 D1
    7:16 AM D1 by babynurse

    6-6-13 0838
    8:38 AM D3 by babynurse

    D-3 and mom preening together on fledge ledge
    9:11 AM Mom and D3 by RedTailRhumba

    D-3 on fledge ledge (3)
    9:23 D3 by RedTailRhumba

    D-3 on fledge ledge (5)
    9:35 AM D3 by RedTailRhumba

    9:40 AM D3 by sebourne

    9:40 AM D3 by aliclaws

    10:06 AM D1 on Weill Hall by RedTailRhumba

    10:25 AM D3 by MV

    From Andrew  D2
    D2 BOG Photo by andrewskogin
    posted by grasshopper01

    11:38 AM D3 by grasshopper01

    12:44 PM D3 by MV

    Fullscreen capture 662013 120005 PM
    1:00 PM D3 by Benjammin1

    6-6-13 1307 D3
    1:07 PM D3 by babynurse

    1:08 PM D3 by grasshopper01

    Fullscreen capture 662013 121038 PM
    1:10 PM D3 Warble by Benjammin1

    1:24 PM D1 by grasshopper01

    2:21 PM D3 Flappercises by MV

    6-6-13 1435
    2:35 PM D3 with Chippie by babynurse

    Fullscreen capture 662013 55506 PM
    5:55 PM D3 by peakid

    6-6-13 1800
    6:00 PM D3 by babynurse

    6-6-13 1800
    6:00 PM D3 by babynurse

    photo (2)
    6:54 PM D2 is still on fence near lilacs
    but 50 ft closer to nest
    BOG Photo by andrewskogin
    Posted by nomibird

    06062013_807PM_D1 Flies Off Weill
    8:07 PM D1 Flies Off Weill by elly012912

    8:31 PM D3 by elly012912

     9:18 PM Good Night D3
    and the Rest of the BR and Ez Family
    by elly012912