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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Highlights for Tuesday, June 11

Today started out with more adventures for D2 (BOG report). Concern for her welfare led some chatters to ask if and when Cornell would intervene. See Charles Eldermire's statement on Cornell's Policy on Intervention. There is no question that it is difficult for viewers to see a young bird "figure things out" in a timeframe that may seem "slow" to us. However, this does appear to be exactly what she is doing. The below video shows a nice flight she took this evening. BOGs spotted her soon after this in a tree with her older brother.

D2 Update 20130611
Latest D2 Map by MidAmRef
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Great BOG Photos by sully7140
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BR With Prey

 BR and Ez

Other Photos and Videos from Today

  1. 7:08 AM Outta My Way, Kid! (BR and D3) elly012912
  2. 7:48 AM D2 Stops To Browse New Car Arrivals ncaerie
  3. --- D2 on top of car carrionmywaywardson
  4. 8:06 AM Breakfast Time At Home! ncaerie
  5. 8:36 AM D1...Home For Breakfast! ncaerie
  6. 9:02 AM D2 Relocates To A Tree ncaerie
  7. 9:16 AM Housekeeping Chores ncaerie
  8. 9:35 AM Parent Perches on Light Near D2 ncaerie
  9. 10:40 AM Sitting Quietly In The Rain ncaerie
  10. 11:15 AM All Present & Accounted For ncaerie
  11. 12:57 PM Whoa, Did You Just Wing-Whap Me? ncaerie
  12. 12:59 PM Watch Me! This Is the Way You Do It! ncaerie
  13. 1:01 PM D3 Heads For the "Fledge" Ledge, & Stops! ncaerie
  14. 2:40 PM Bring Me Some Real Food...Now! ncaerie
  15. 3:09 PM We Need Stairs For This Nest! ncaerie
  16. 3:53 PM SHOW ME THE WAY TO GO HOME... ncaerie
  17. 4:13 PM Big Red Tries To Entice D3 From Tree ncaerie
  18. 4:24 PM BR Lures D2 From Tree; Both Take A Tumble! ncaerie
  19. 4:26 PM After perching in oak tree for hours,
    D2 flies to light- parent delivers food ChinooksVids
  20. 5:33 PM D2 Is In the Gardens Across the Street ncaerie
  21. 6:15 PM D2 Flies from Greenhouses to Bldg, Then from Bldg elly012912
  22. 7:40 PM A Little Mom-D3 Conversation elly012912
  23. 8:12 PM D3 Teases Fledge (Again); Cam Reboot Causes (More) Panic elly012912
  24. 8:47 PM Did D3 Just Slice on Mom? elly012912
  25. 8:52 PM There Must Be a Late Night Sale at Stikea elly012912

6-11-13 0540
5:40 AM by babynurse

6-11-13 0555
5:55 AM D3 by babynurse

6:48 AM BR and Ez by sebourne

Ez on Light Tower by BelleRinger

Fullscreen capture 6112013 70829 AM.bmp
7:08 AM D3 Slice by GulfCoastRita

7:10 AM BR and D3 by sebourne

D2 OnWhiteJeep 6112013 74809 AM  
 7:48 AM D2 by pamlefcourt

  D2 on the car 6-11-13
D2 by CLMbirds

6-11-13 0806
8:06 AM BR Feeds D3 by babynurse

  D2 InTheTreeRain 6112013 95525 AM
9:55 AM D2 by pamlefcourt

Cornell RTH 6/11/2013
D3 by Renowabbit

D3 considering options 6-11-13
D3 by CLMBirds

2:43 PM D3 by sebourne

Fullscreen capture 6112013 31004 PM.bmp
3:10 PM D3 by GulfCoastRita

D3 does a starling check 6-11-13
3:12 PM D3 Does Starling Check by CLMbirds

D3 Strength Training 6-11-2013
D3 by 1ladydi

Fullscreen capture 6112013 41735 PM
4:17 PM BR Trying to Entice D2 With Food by peakid

Fullscreen capture 6112013 42704 PM
4:27 PM D2 On Lightpost by peakid

 D2 on Fence by elly012912

Fullscreen capture 6112013 61511 PM
6:15 PM D2 by peakid

6:15 PM D2 Flies From Building by Whitestar0

8:13 PM D3 by elly012912

D3 looking at her mama so sweetly for the longest time, maybe thinking of leaving home, finally! 6-11-2013
D3 Looking Sweetly at Her Mom by 1ladydi

06112013_815PM_BR Landing
8:15 PM BR Lands on Platform by elly012912

06112013_848PM_Mom and D3
8:48 AM Mom and D3 by elly012912

Fullscreen capture 6112013 92949 PM
9:29 PM Good Night by elly012912