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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Highlights for Tuesday, June 4

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D1 Fledged at 1:33 PM!
Fledge Watch Continues For D2 and D3!

Video by ncaerie

D1 on Ground by carrionmywaywardson from Ferris Tour

The First Fledge of 2013

... and so it starts
dancing hawk littles
pirouetting off the ledge,
caught in gust or puff or just in
exhalation of being
fliers and weavers of the wind - so
we gasp and laugh or cry at the
now you see me solid
and now you don’t -
now you see me hop-flapping
and now you don’t -
now you see me lifting my feathers
in my element
now you see me
and you see
a hawk.

by CLMbirds © 2013

So one swift hawk has safely flown and rests within a fir.
Two sweet hawks remain tonight waiting their awesome turns.
Now the one will contemplate beyond his fledge,
Whilst all our eyes upon “the ledge”.

by  jacecat

Videos and Screenshots from Today

  1. 6:02 AM All Three Out on The Edge; Cute Sibling Kisses elly012912
  2. 8:03 AM Fed Ez Is On The Job Early ncaerie
  3. 8:14 AM Manna From The Penthouse ncaerie
  4. 8:54 AM D3 Retains Horkmaster Crown! ncaerie
  5. 10:20 AM Watch Carefully...I'll Show You How It's Done ncaerie
  6. 10:50 AM Puddle of Feathers= Cuddle Huddle ncaerie
  7. 11:53 AM  D3 Is On The Edge! ncaerie
  8. --- First Fledge at the Cornell Red-tailed Hawk nest Lab of Ornithology
  9. 1:33 PM D1 Fledges! ncaerie
  10. 1:33 PM Fledge of Red-tailed Hawk D-1 ChinooksVids
  11. 1:52 PM Ezra Brings in Lunch For Two! ncaerie
  12. 2:45 PM Big Red On Bradfield Ledge ncaerie
  13. --- D1 fledge ferris cam carrionmywaywardson
  14. --- ferris cam pan of D1 landing area and nest tower carrionmywaywardson
  15. 3:45 PM Show Us Little Leg! ncaerie
  16. 4:15 PM My Mom Is Busy But I'm Watching You ncaerie
  17. 5:47 PM Dinnertime for D2 & D3 ncaerie
  18. 6:46 PM D2 Flappercising with Lots of Noise elly012912
  19. 7:30 PM D3's Turn to Flap and Run Around elly012912
  20. 8:36 PM D2 and D3 Evening Kisses and Snuggles elly012912

watching the starlings
5:31 AM by grasshopper01

all 3
6:16 AM All 3 by grasshopper01

spread you wings
6:36 AM by grasshopper01

7:14 AM by babynurse

6-4-13 0815 Br drops in from penthouse with squirrel
8:15 AM BR Drops From Penthouse with Squirrel
by babynurse

6-4-13 0843 Br flies from fledge ledge
8:43 AM BR Flies From Fledge Ledge by babynurse

6-4-13 0854 parent fly by
8:54 AM Parent Fly-by by babynurse

9:52 AM BR, D1, D2 by sebourne

pile of feathers
10:51 AM Pile of Feathers by grasshopper01

10:35 AM Mantle by grasshopper01

6-4-13 1044 D3 slices off the edge
10:44 AM D3 Slice by babynurse

Fullscreen capture 642013 120443 PM
12:04 PM by peakid

The fledge 1.33EDT
1:33 PM D1 Fledge by grasshopper01

1:36 PM D1 Has Fledged into Trees by grasshopper01

Fullscreen capture 642013 23526 PM.bmp
2:35 PM A Fledged D1 from Ferris Tour
by GulfCoastRita

Fullscreen capture 642013 23511 PM.bmp
2:35 PM A Fledged D1 from Ferris Tour
by GulfCoastRita

6-4-13 1530 D1
 A Fledged D1 from Ferris Tour by babynurse

Fullscreen capture 04062013 194507.bmp
2:45 PM BR Keeping An Eye on Things
From Ferris Tour by grasshopper 01

Fullscreen capture 04062013 201637.bmp 
3:16 PM D1 Sighting Location from Ferris Tour
by grasshopper01

EZ on on bradfield antenna
Ezra Keeping an Eye on Things
From Ferris Tour by RedTailRhumba

6-4-13 1530
3:30 PM from Ferris Tour by babynurse

6-4-13 1530
 3:30 PM from Ferris Tour by babynurse

6-4-13 1530
3:30 PM from Ferris Tour by babynurse

4:03 PM D2 by MV

D-2 streching
D2 Stretching by RedTailRhumba

4:13 PM by MV from Ferris Tour

5:46 PM BR, D2, D3 by MV

Fullscreen capture 642013 64837 PM
6:48 PM D2 by peakid

06042013_735PM_D3 in midhop
7:35 PM Big Hops and Flaps from D3
by elly012912

 8:02 PM D2 and D3 by MV

06042013_852PM Good Night
8:52 PM Good Night

Latest BOG Reports on D1:

From Twitter:
16:20, Realdruck (chatter) located D1 on window ledge about 2 feet up, then flew to ground again in #cornellhawks.

From Chat, Around 6:30 PM:
profd: Everyone -- I just returned from the D1 area
profd: D1 was nowhere to be seen
profd: the area is very quiet and there are no people around to bother him
profd: There are a lot of small trees and shrubs to help him practice laddering
profd: He is literally hanging out in a garden
profd: He even has a pond if he decides to take a bath

From Chat, Around 9:00 PM
gpeterson: From ponybird: I know this because after standing in driveway awhile I went & sat on bench in garden facing plant sci courtyard.
gpeterson: A couple walked thru & into courtyard on right side where I was sure D1 was, based on angry robin chirping & flying in.
gpeterson: I saw them taking pictures by a tree, so I went toward them & asked if they knew that one had fledged & people said not to get near.
gpeterson: Turns out they went in to find D1 & take photos.  D1 is in a small evergreen about 2/3 of the way in, along the right hand  wall sitting on a branch about 7-8 feet up.
gpeterson: Since I was part way in, I took a quick video of D1 to confirm, then skedaddled home to tell you.
gpeterson: The couple walked out ahead of me and I saw them over by Weill hall as I left. No one else was around so I think D1 is safe for the evening if it stays there.
gpeterson: So I will get vid from her as soon as I can. Also, just got off the phone with Karel.
gpeterson: He and profd are there now looking for D1.
gpeterson: profd will be back up there about 6 or 7 tomorrow morning and will call or text me if she sees anything.
gpeterson: Karel will call me back tonight if they spot D1.

From Twitter:
22:48, 6/4/13 Correction to 20:30 post. BOG was songbirdie NOT ponybird.