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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Highlights for Wednesday, June 19

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Ferris sent in the the following blog feedback regarding yesterday's highlights: "...I just want to point out an omission from the highlights for 6/18/2013: You have clearly forgotten to mention that at one point, I was obviously attacked by a passerby who then, temporarily, took control of my camera, made all kinds of silly baby-adoration noises, and then mysteriously walked away.  :-)"

What Ferris is talking about occurs at the beginning of this video:

Ferris, my bad! However, it was very considerate of your attacker to hold the camera steady in your absence! :-) 

Photos and Videos From Today

  1. 7:45 AM Karel's Cam 'Morning Quest For Fledgling Hawks' ncaerie
  2. 7:57 AM A Sunny Morning With D1 & D2 ncaerie
  3. 8:45 AM Fledglings Are Off to Explore Cornell Land ncaerie
  4. 9:41 AM D3 Gets A Visit By 2 Brave Little Birds ncaerie
  5. 11:03 AM Handyhawk Does Vine Removal ncaerie
  6. 11:11 AM Doin' What Comes Naturally! ncaerie
  7. 11:59 AM D(?) Thinks 'D' Stands For Duck Decoy! ncaerie
  8. 2:00 PM The Queen Is On Her Throne ncaerie
  9. 2:09 PM Fed Ez Delivers Lunch; Gets Run Over By A "D"| ncaerie
  10. 2:20 PM Ledge Sitter Takes To The Skies! ncaerie
  11. 4:47 PM Double Food Drop ncaerie
  12. 4:56 PM Maybe I'll Let You Have It...Maybe Not! ncaerie
  13. 5:38 PM Fledgling Thinks Adult Has Food ncaerie
  14. 6:52 PM A Funny Walk and a Nice Flyoff elly012912
  15. 7:28 PM Beautiful Stretches and Takeoff elly012912

Fullscreen capture 19062013 112738.bmp
6:27 AM by grasshopper01

6-19-13 0640 visitor in penthouse
6:40 AM Visitor in Penthouse (D2?) by babynurse

Fullscreen capture 19062013 123423.bmp
7:34 AM by grasshopper01

 12:44 PM Duck Hawk by MV

6-19-13 1409 Ez food drop
2:09 PM Ez Food Drop by babynurse

6-19-13 1410
2:10 PM by babynurse

 5:07 PM Landing on Wall to Get Food Delivery by MV

5:07 PM by MV

 5:39 PM BR and the Kids by aliclaws

7:28 PM by elly012912

06192013_743PM D Takeoff
7:43 PM D Takeoff by elly012912

06192013_759PM_2_Joining Sibling
7:59 PM D Joins Sibling by elly012912

D (?) on porch
8:14 PM by RedTailRhumba

8:36 PM by elly012912

6-19-13 2043
8:43 PM by babynurse
Good Night