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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Highlights for Wednesday, June 26

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  • Other Blog Updates: Highlights for both June 25 and June 26 are both being published on June 26.

BOG Photo by trtldove

Other Photos and Videos From Today

  1. 7:37 AM  Karels Cam Highlight: D1 elly012912
  2. 7:40 AM Karels Cam "Portrait of D1" ncaerie
  3. 8:15 AM If I Can't Be In the Spotlight I'll Be On It! ncaerie
  4. 8:25 AM Tree Dancing (Karels Cam) ncaerie
  5. 8:45 AM Our Diva On Bailey Hall (Karels Cam) ncaerie
  6. ---   Karel finds D on Bailey Hall carrionmywaywardson
  7. 8:50 AM Adult On A Chimney (Karels Cam) ncaerie
  8. 10:28 AM I'M HUNGRY! ncaerie
  9. 10:47 AM In Search of Parents or Food or Both ncaerie
  10. 12:07 PM Big Red Dines On The Patio ncaerie
  11. 12:32 PM BR Departs Leaving 2 Onlookers Behind ncaerie
  12. 1:36 PM You Take The High Ledge & I'll Take The Low Ledge ncaerie
  13. 4:04 PM Bug Chaser ncaerie
  14.  5:25 PM Evening Tour Finds D2 or D3 on Plant Science (Karels Cam) ncaerie 
  15.  5:45 PM  D1 Likes the Gardens (Karels Cam) ncaerie
  16. 6:15 PM Beautiful Sight to See (Karels Cam) ncaerie
  17. 6:25 PM  D's Are Flying Everywhere! (Karels Cam) ncaerie
  18. 6:38 PM Juvie on Roberts Hall ncaerie
  19. 6:53 PM An Exciting Food Drop! (Karels Cam) ncaerie
  20. 8:21 PM Evening Flyoffs elly012912

From Karels Cam by aliclaws

6-26-13 0630
From Karels Cam by babynurse

From Karels Cam by aliclaws

06262013_815AM_D1_Karels Cam
From Karels Cam by elly

6-26-13 0800
From Karels Cam by babynurse

From Karels Cam by aliclaws

06262013_854AM_Karels Cam_Ez
Ezra Flying Off, Karels Cam by elly

Fullscreen capture 26062013 121342.bmp
7:13 AM by grasshopper01

Fullscreen capture 26062013 150853.bmp
10:08 AM by grasshopper01

6-26-13 1021
10:21 AM Adult Visit by babynurse

12:08 PM BR by MV

12:39 PM by MV

6-26-13 1327
1:27 PM  by babynurse

6-26-13 1330
1:30 PM by babynurse

2 hawks, one flying
1:39 PM by grasshopper01

3:23 PM by MV

4:13 PM by MV

 6:31 PM by MV

06262013_526PM karels cam
From Karels Cam by elly

Fullscreen capture 6262013 63615 PM
From Karels Cam by peakid

Fullscreen capture 6262013 62731 PM
From Karels Cam by peakid

8:22 PM by elly

8:23 PM by elly

6-26-13 2040
by babynurse
Good Night

"The Ultimate 2013 Chawk Art"
The Ultimate 2013 Chawk Art
grasshopper01 and ctgeomom
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