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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Highlights for Wednesday, June 5

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D2 Fledged at 9:04 AM!
D1 Fledged at 1:33 PM Yesterday;
Fledge Watch Continues For D3!

9:05 AM video of D2 fledge by ncaerie

5:28 PM video of D2 on fence by lilacs by elly012912
from Ferris cam:

Allopreening sweetly in the warm midday sun,
Up and down the runway-flappercizing fun,
BR’s wiggle wiggle over fluffy fuzzy heads,
And Ezra’s such a handsome guy-lucky Big Red!
Just a hint of favorites, some that you may share...
This is why I donated to Cornell again this year!

by Jacecat

Three little hawklets sitting in a nest, one blew away and left the rest.
One tipped over and hung on tight, but with just one grip, lost the fight.
One little D Hawk left behind, waiting patiently to join her kind.
BR and Ezra, Hawk parents supreme, 

have given us humans beautiful "Hawk Dreams".
by Jersey

Videos and Photos from Today

  1. 7:46 AM A Girl's Gotta Eat! ncaerie
  2. 9:04 AM D2 Makes Like A Bat Then Fledges! ncaerie
  3. 10:00 AM Second nestling fledges from the 2013 Cornell Red-tailed Hawk Nest Lab of Ornithology
  4. 10:28 AM Big Red Digs Something Out of Pantry ncaerie
  5. 10:44 AM D1 Spotted In Tree In Parking Lot! ncaerie
  6. 10:48 AM D1 Is Making His Way Through Tree ncaerie
  7. 11:35 AM D1 Finds Another Spot More To His Liking ncaerie
  8. 12:00 PM D1 in tree carrionmywaywardson
  9. 12:10 PM Lonely Lunch ncaerie
  10. 12:11 PM D2 Spotted In The Lilacs ncaerie
  11. 1:00 PM D2 struggling in bushes carrionmywaywardson
  12. 2:07 PM Big Red & Ezra Meet At Bradfield Hall ncaerie
  13. 2:46 PM Hello Maintenance...Have Someone Send Me A Ladder! ncaerie
  14. 3:53 PM Activity On The Nest Merits D2's Close Attention ncaerie
  15. 3:58 PM D3 Gets Flap Happy This Afternoon ncaerie
  16. 5:28 PM D2 on Fence (Ferris Cam) elly012912
  17. 5:33 PM D1 in Tree (Ferris Cam) elly012912
  18. 5:35 PM D1 Ladders Up The Tree To Fly Across Street ncaerie
  19. 6:05 PM D1 Flies from Athletic Field Pole, Visits Bradfield Lounge Window elly012912
  20. 7:08 PM BR Takes Away Chippie (No Takers) but Then Returns and Feeds D3 elly012912

6:01 AM by aliclaws

7:18 AM D2 by elly012912

7:23 AM D3 by elly012912

6-5-13 0853
8:53 AM D2 by babynurse

9:03 AM D2 Falls Off Platform by sebourne

Fullscreen capture 652013 90508 AM.bmp
9:04 AM D2 Dangles from Platform by GulfCoastRita

D-2 fledges!!!
And She's Off! by RedTailRhumba

Fullscreen capture 652013 90600 AM
by peakid

D2 in Lilacs 6-5-13
BOG Photo: D2 in Lilacs posted by gpeterson

D1 BOG Photo by sully7140

10:40 AM D3 by grasshopper01

Fullscreen capture 652013 104135 AM
10:41 AM D3 by peakid

6-5-13 1106
11:06 AM by babynurse

Fullscreen capture 652013 121201 PM.bmp
12:01 PM D2 by GulfCoastRita

1:33 PM Mom and D3 by sebourne

6-5-13 1403
2:03 PM D3 by babynurse

from Ferris Cam by CynVision

2:49 PM Ezra from Ferris Cam by aliclaws

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 3.02.57 PM
3:02 PM D2 by hawkmama

June 5 D2 on fence Ferris cam
D2 from Ferris Cam by carrionmywaywardson

3:56 PM D3 Getting Some Air by MV

Fullscreen capture 652013 25917 PM
3:59 PM D3 by Benjammin1

D-2 on ferris tour
D2 From Ferris Cam by RedTailRhumba

June 5 D1 in tree ferris cam (2)
D1 in Tree from Ferris Cam by carrionmywardson

5:35 PM D1 by MV

6-5-13 1747
5:47 PM D1 on Athletic Field Pole by babynurse

6-5-13 1805
6:05 PM D1 Flies Off Athletic Field Pole by babynurse

6-5-13   1827
D1 Visits a Bradfield Lounge Window by babynurse

Fullscreen capture 652013 60954 PM.bmp
6:09 PM D1 from Ferris Cam by GulfCoastRita

Fullscreen capture 652013 61003 PM.bmp
6:10 PM D1 from Ferris Cam by GulfCoastRita

Fullscreen capture 652013 61114 PM
6:11 PM D1 from Ferris Cam by peakid

7:07 PM BR and EZ Calling the Kids for Dinner
by sebourne

7:17 PM BR Feeds D3 by MV

7:22 PM BR on Nearby Light Pole by MV

7:26 PM Ez Food Delivery by MV

7:47 PM D3 Flappercise by MV

Fullscreen capture 652013 72507 PM
8:25 PM D3 by Benjammin1

8:46 PM Good Night

More Chawk Art:

Fullscreen capture 652013 74455 PM
by Benjammin1

10:08 PM charles_cornellbirds: Thanks to all who helped make this day (and every day here in hawk chat) a success.
10:08 PM charles_cornellbirds: and to the moderators who help us all enjoy the chat and learn every time we're here.
10:08 PM charles_cornellbirds: Kudos, and good night.