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Friday, June 7, 2013

2013 Info from Mod-Only Chat, June 7

ClareEliz has disabled participation in the chat room.
ClareEliz: : D1 and D3 are currently in the nest being fed by BR
CulleyL: The situation right now is that D1 fledged and returned to the nest this morning.
CulleyL: D3 has NOT yet fledged.
ClareEliz: However, D3 DID catch a juvenile starling at nest this morning
ClareEliz: It was caught mostly on cam 2 and that video is being processed
ClareEliz: but here is a still provided by charles
ClareEliz: Still of D3 catching juvenile starling
CulleyL: D2 fledged, well FELL, and is still out and about in the athletic field behind the nest (out of camera range) sitting on a fence and working through her challenges of getting back to the nest.
ClareEliz: There is also a video thanks to ncaerie of what happened from vantage point of cam 2
ClareEliz: 'D3 Gets Her First Kill'  9:01 am
CulleyL: Even though she's been there for a while, there is NO need for concern. She's not injured. However, I suspect that her breast muscles are sore and aching from swimming through the lilacs yesterday
ClareEliz: Also thanks to elly we have video of D1's return
ClareEliz: 6/7 D1 returns, from elly
ClareEliz: If you remember to check twitter BEFORE you chat, every time, you will be up to date on the latest information.
ClareEliz: The explanation that Culley is currently giving about D2 also has been posted on twitter
CulleyL: There is NO reason to assume that she has not eaten. BR and EZ will continue to be excellent parents, and if D2 were hungry there would be loud caterwauling. Thus far, only D1 and D3 on nest vocalizin
Berrygood: We work hard to keep all pertinent events updated on twitter with the hope that you will check it to know whats going on. It helps to cut down questions during busy chat times
ClareEliz: do remember that all of us--mods, BOGS, videographers, blogger--are volunteers. Please help us help you by reading twitter, thinking before you ask, and asking rather than demanding. Thank you
CulleyL: My expectation is that when she starts yelling, or before, D2's parents will try to lure her away from the fence with food.
ClareEliz: D2 pics 6-7-13 by Bogette: Scroll right for 2nd pic.
CulleyL: Where she is, there are not a lot of good laddering opportunities from HER juvenile perspective, however, she will move when she's ready or when her parents lure her into movement.
ClareEliz: D2 at 13:20 6-7-13 by trtldove:
ClareEliz: We also strongly encourage you to visit volunteer Elly’s blog
CulleyL: Right now, she's safe, no one is harassing her and with sore muscles, she's not going to WANT to move for a while. All these factors together are driving what's going on.
ClareEliz: which is updated daily and contains a ton of information and pictures
CulleyL: A lot of watching wildlife is about PATIENCE!!! And remember, patience is a VIRTUE! But it needs practice.
ClareEliz:    short link to ellys blog
Berrygood: The tabs above and below the video feed contain lots of great useful information to answer questions about hawks and other birds
daisybird: Hey Culley, Clare and GP!!  The photos I have seen show her as being content
gpeterson: That might help to see where D2 is, but she is even further to left now, I believe.
ClareEliz: Elly does an incredible job on it and it is worth seeing.
CulleyL: Exactly Daisy...she is showing NO signs of distress whatsoever!
k_in_Sweden: From what I have observed, we are one of the best updated cams due to Twitter, our BOGS, our dedicated mods and the lab. Not to mention Elly's blog and Ferris' tours. All of these are great resources
Berrygood: bookmark elly's blog
ClareEliz: And again, there is NO need for worry, no need to intervene. All is well and they're working out their challenges one step at a time.
CulleyL: But while we bring new information to you as soon as it is available, sometimes you just have to wait until the information is available!
ClareEliz: Elly has also provided an incredible index of all videos.
ClareEliz: : Here’s a link to the index of all videos  of the nest.  It’s a spreadsheet.  Just click on the link listed for the vid you want to watch:
ClareEliz: 14:23, 6/7 Report from Andrewskogin about D2: "Still standing in the same spot (mid-building)." in #cornellhawks
ClareEliz: Folks do remember that all of us--mods, BOGS, videographers, blogger--are volunteers. Please help us help you by reading twitter, thinking before you ask, and asking rather than demanding. Thank you
gpeterson: A couple of new vids of D1 on 5/6 from songbirdie:
ClareEliz: Also, we have no doubt Cornell would appreciate any donation you can afford.  Donation link below chat window.
ClareEliz: However, if you can't donate, please stay and enjoy the birds.
gpeterson:  BR trying to lure D1 on 6/5:
ClareEliz: : merchandise is available at and new merchandise is expected. The cams are also live there so you can shop and watch
ClareEliz: There is lots of information on this page as well
gpeterson: D2 on fence 6/5 by songbirdie:
ClareEliz: IF you are on the All About Birds Page
gpeterson: If u have comments or feedback on cam and/or chat, email:
Nomibird: 17:33 BR departs
ClareEliz: If you are on Livestream you can switch to this page to get all the information
CulleyL: BR is checking on D2 right now.
gpeterson: Soaring over D2
ClareEliz: For anyone who is new, or has not taken the time to explore all of the features/options that the NestCam website offers, check out this pic:
ClareEliz: Nomibird created that page to help you
ClareEliz: Site info gives you info about Big Red and Ezra and the cam
ClareEliz: Species Info provides info about Red Tailed Hawks in General
CulleyL: BR and EZ are terrific parents. Trust them to deal with their D2 daughter as appropriate. I know *I* trust them.
ClareEliz: Timeline tells you what happened when, Clips provide video clips going all the way back to the 2012 nesting season
ClareEliz: and  news gives
ClareEliz: We love working with you--thanks!