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Sunday, June 16, 2013

2013 Just for Fun Titles

Just for fun, chatters made up some special titles for certain individuals involved in the Cornell Hawk chat. List compiled by grasshopper01 and ctgeomom from lists submitted by oldbeak, friedegg, sistie, psguru, and ctgeomom.

Miyoko Director of Communications
Charles Chief of Staff
Keys Justice of the Peace /Top Gun on cam
Lotties Assistant Director Health and Hawk Services
gpeterson Director of Human and Avian Resources
daisybird Head of Air Traffic Control
Benjammin Director of Hawk Relations
ClareEliz Chief of Police, aka Thor
Rehaber Secretary of Education
Berrygood Chief Cook and Hawk Watcher
CulleyL Director of Health and Hawk Services
Renorabbit Moderator Emergency Readiness Team (MERT)
k sweden Director of International Avian Affairs
Emrys Director of Student Affairs
Nomi Hawkland Press Secretary
Elly Director of Archives at the National Hawk Museum
ncaerie Director of Videography
Ferris Director of Hawkland Security
Karels Director of Fresh Kills
grasshopper Head of Foreign Services
Raylene Mayor of Hawkland
BOGS Members of Secret Service
beak CEO, Comedy Central
friedegg Head of Dept. of Aging
sistie Cornell Chapter of SPCA