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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

2013 Morning BOG Report from Karels, June 11

7:38 AM gpeterson: Karel on campus now. D2 in same tree by driveway right out in the wide open. Facing the nest. On right side of tree from our angle. D2 took off!!! Just missed the transformer below nest. Is on ground below nest. JUST missed the transformer under the nest. Circled around over lilacs and field and then tried to make it to second tree next to one she was in earlier. Didn't make it and is now on ground under tree. So is at the base of the second tree on the Tower Rd. side.
Karel said it was a pretty long flight for her. She is thinking about her next move. Maybe she will do some "carring" again. :-) Crows mobbing BR on top of Weill. Not sure it's BR but an adult. An adult on top of Weill where we can't see. Too far back for us to see. D2 walking in parking lot between cars.
keysfishin: D3 made attempt to branch up onto light box
gpeterson: D2 jumped onto trunk of a Cadillac in parking lot in plain view. In view on parking lot running on ground Slipped off Caddy and is on ground. Karel said that her flight to transformer looked good. He thinks she is just large and couldn't quite make the altitude. Then she made a strong flight back over to the second tree in parking lot but couldn't quite make that either. Karel thinks she was shooting for nest, realized she couldn't make it so decided to go for transformer. But when she decided she couldn't make it to nest, she tried to readjust and make the transformer. But misjudged and went too low. Hope this makes some sense. So she had a sustained flight from tree UPWARD toward nest then down to try to make transformer then over to tree. Karel says she is a very big bird with long wingspan. She is vocalizing non stop, EZ bringing prey, landed on bottom branch of first tree, she is calling EZ on tree branch with prey, D3 still on Cam 2 chilling, LOL, BOGette now slowing down a bus. EZ now on transformer on next light pole down. EZ just flew off with prey. In tree across the street where BR fed D2 yesterday evening. EZ just flew over her. See D2 watching him. He is now circling behind greenhouses. Somebody just left nest. EZ location unknown right now. BR?? back at nest. On top of tower.
Berrygood: D3 is watching something up above and vocalizing
gpeterson: OK, hang on.
gpeterson: EZ is on top of nest tower now.
Berrygood: D3 is on fledge ledge
gpeterson: So if EZ was in tree and on transformer, then Karel thinks they may have done a prey swap. BR has huge piece of prey and coming to nest.
Berrygood: BR on nest now, this is pigeon
gpeterson: EZ is on next light pole down.

8:27 AM  gpeterson: Here is the deal with D2 as expressed by CRM just so you get his point.
8:28 AM  gpeterson: Although D2 DOES appear to be comfortable, she is a juvie and unaware of the dangers of traffic, people, etc.
8:28 AM  gpeterson: So the fact that they have been doing this for EONS just does not apply in this situation.
8:29 AM  gpeterson: I do NOT want everybody to panic.  Just be realistic about her situation.
8:29 AM  gpeterson: And please stop with the "what if" scenarios.
8:29 AM  gpeterson: ALL we can do is watch and see how this plays out.

Thank you to AlohaLynn for Providing the Info for this Post

D2 OnWhiteJeep 6112013 74809 AM
7:48 AM D2 on the Move by pamlefcourt

D2 OnGreenJeep 6112013 80415 AM
8:04 AM D2 on the Move by pamlefcourt

D2 InTreeParkLot  6112013 90306 AM
9:03 AM D2 in Parking Lot Tree by pamlefcourt