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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Highlights for July 22 and July 23

Monday, July 22

Karels Cam (AM):
Karels Cam (PM):

Summary Videos (elly):

Juvie on Plant Sciences, D1 at Nest

Karels Cam: BR on Goldwin Smith 

Karels Cam: More of BR on Goldwin Smith and McGraw Tower in Fog

Karels Cam: D1 on a Light Tower
Karels Cam: Juvies Playing in Schoellkopf, D1 Soaring
Karels Cam: BR, Ez, and D2 with "Juviezilla" (Cliff Hawk?)

7/22 AM Karels, BR on Goldwin Smith
07222013_AM_karels1_BR on GS

McGraw Tower in the Fog
07222013_AM_karels5_McGraw Tower in Fog

7:46 AM, Cornell Cam, D Flyoff from Plant Sciences (elly)

7:47 AM Cornell Cam, D3 in Penthouse, (keysfishin)

Fullscreen capture 7222013 74730 AM.bmp


7:58 AM Cornell Cam, D3 on Plant Sciences (keysfishin)

AM Karels, D3 on Plant Sci (GulfCoastRita)
Fullscreen capture 7222013 75856 AM.bmp

 AM, Karels, Two Juvies Flying Together Near Schoellkopf (elly)
07222013_AM_karels11_2 Juvies Flying Together Near Schoelkopf

AM Karels, D on Schoellkopf (babynurse)
7-22-13 karels cam

AM Karels, D Playing in Schoellkopf (babynurse)

7-22-13 karels cam



AM Karels D1 Flight (babynurse)
7-22-13 karels cam

7-22-13 karels cam

7-22-13 karels cam

 7-22-13 karels cam

Fullscreen capture 7222013 81951 AM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 7222013 82001 AM.bmp 

AM Karels D1 on Light Tower (babynurse)
7-22-13 karels cam

Fullscreen capture 7222013 83415 AM.bmp

7/22 evening: Karels and Bogette came across a local RTH juvie, presumably one of the cliff hawk juvies, near Goldwin Smith with Big Red, Ezra, and D2. The juvie had some kind of huge prey and was successful in protecting it. There was quite a bit of drama around this that went on for over an hour and half!

Ez and Cliff Hawk Juvie (elly)
07222013_PM_karels1_ezra and cliff hawk juvie

BR Leaves Confrontation with Juvie (elly)
 07222013_PM_karels3_br and cliff hawk juvie confrontation 

Ez Leaves Confrontation with Juvie (elly)
07222013_PM_karels4_ezra and cliff hawk juvie confrontation

Ez and BR (babynurse)
7-22-13 karels cam

Ez and BR both Preen (elly)
07222013_PM_karels7_ezra and br both preen

D2 (babynurse)
7-22-13 karels cam

Cliff Hawk Juvie Has Huge Prey (elly)
07222013_PM_karels9_Cliff Hawk Juvie with Huge Prey

Ez (babynurse)
7-22-13 karels cam

D2 (elly)

D2 (elly)

Cliff Hawk Juvie Mantles Prey (elly)
07222013_PM_karels17_Cliff Hawk Juvie Mantling Prey and D2

Cliff Hawk Juvie Chases D2 Off (elly)
07222013_PM_karels18_Cliff Hawk Juvie Goes After D2

D2 and Ez Switch Places (elly)
07222013_PM_karels20_D2 on GS where Ez was

07222013_PM_karels21_Ezra Back Down with Cliff Hawk Juvie

Ez Back on Roof (elly)

Ez Off Again (elly)


Ez Has Roused and Fluffed! (elly)
07222013_PM_karels29_Ezra Has Just Roused and Fluffed

BR Still on Goldwin Smith Later On

Tuesday, July 23

Summary Videos (elly)
Karels Cam: D2 on Goldwin Smith
Karels Cam: BR on Lincoln Hall
Karels Cam: BR Near Goldwin Smith

AM Karels, D2 on Goldwin Smith (GulfCoastRita)
Fullscreen capture 7232013 83913 AM.bmp

7-23-13 karels cam  

BR on Lincoln (babynurse)
7-23-13 karels cam

07232013_AM_karels6_BR departs Lincoln

AM Karels BR near Goldwin Smith (babynurse)
7-23-13 karels cam 

7-23-13 karels cam

7-23-13 karels cam