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Friday, July 26, 2013

Highlights for July 25 and July 26

Most material is from July 25. The only update from today is trtldove's below!

BOG Gallery

From trtldove today... 
You can barely see on the top of Wing Hall in my picture here (sorry was caught without my telephoto) – but a D has been hanging out here the past few days. This pic was at 1:15 pm, but I saw it there around 4 pm yesterday, too!

Photos by christinebshoals, taken July 25

D Takeoff From Schoellkopf

Schoellkopf Flyover

D Flyoff from Schoellkopf

D on Lincoln, Feather Pose

D on Friends Hall Railing

Ezra on His Flagpole at Barton Hall

ILR Cupola Departure

Other Photos and Videos From July 25

Summary Videos (elly):

Karels Cam (AM): BR on Goldwin Smith
Karels Cam (AM): D2 on Tree Near AD White House 
Karels Cam (AM): D1 on Power Pole Near Schoellkopf 
Karels Cam (AM): Juvie on Schoellkopf, and We Have a Flier (D1) 
Karels Cam (AM): Juvie on Light Tower
Karels Cam (PM): Karel follows D1 from Nest
Karels Cam (PM): BR on Stack Near Space Sciences

5:45 AM  Juvie on Plant Sciences, keysfishin

AM, Karels, BR on Goldwin Smith, babynurse
7-25-13 karels cam

AM, karels, D2 in Tree Near AD White House


07252013_AM_karels7_D2 near ADWhite


07252013_AM_karels8_D2 and Little Friend Near Ad White

AM, karels, AD White Gardens

07252013_AM_karels9_AD White Garden

07252013_AM_karels10_AD White Garden

AM, karels, D1 on Pole Near Schoelkopf, GulfCoastRita
Fullscreen capture 7252013 81832 AM.bmp

AM, karels, Juvie on Schoellkopf, babynurse
7-25-13 karels cam

AM, karels, D1 Flight Pics and Light Pole Perch

07252013_AM_karels15_D1 Headed Past Some Other Birds to Light Pole

7-25-13 karels cam

Fullscreen capture 7252013 85341 AM.bmp

7-25-13 karels cam

07252013_AM_karels27_D1 Soaring

7-25-13 karels cam

AM, karels, D2 on Light Tower, Gulf Coast Rita
Fullscreen capture 7252013 90114 AM.bmp

PM, karels, Karel follows D1 From Nest
(Cornell Cam Photos to Follow)

07252013_PM_karels35_D1 on Nest Tower

7-25-13 karels evening cam


7-25-13 karels evening cam


Takeoff from ILR Cupola, babynurse
7-25-13 karels evening cam

7-25-13 karels evening cam

7-25-13 karels evening cam

PM, karels, BR on Space Sciences Stack

07252013_PM_karels51_BR on Space Sciences Stack

07252013_PM_karels54_BR on Space Sciences Stack

Cornell Cam Photo Collage
D1 at Nest around 5:30 PM
 Screenshots by 1Claude, MV, Benjammin1, keysfishin, and babynurse

Other Cornell Hawk Cam Sightings

5:06 PM MV

5:16 PM keysfishin

And finally....this is apropros of nothing, really!
But this picture brought up some funny memories!

07252013_PM_karels52_Space Sciences Building  

When I was a freshman at Cornell in 1986, I took two semesters in Astronomy. Like many freshmen, I had poor time management skills and would often end up pulling all-nighters to get assignments completed. I arrived at one particular astronomy lecture having had maybe one or two hours of sleep in two days. It turns out that this was one of those days that the professor lectured primarily from slides. Dark room. Warm lecture hall. You can guess what happened! I woke up at one point and the professor was saying something like, "...and Neptune looks like a GREEN PING PONG BALL!" I went back to sleep.