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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Highlights for Sunday, July 28

Photos and Videos From Today 

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Bogette Cam (AM):
Bogette Cam (PM): 

Summary Videos (elly):

Note: See additional summary videos of Bogette's PM Tour at:

Bogette Cam: Ezra on Pole near Schoellkopf
Bogette Cam: D3 on Plant Sciences, D2 on Kennedy
Bogette Cam: D3 on Temporary Building
Bogette Cam: D2 Preening in "-2" Tree
Bogette Cam: D3

From the Cornell Cam

5:47 AM, Hawk on Mann Library, keysfishin

6:11 AM, 2 on Plant Sciences, keysfishin

9:10 AM, D on Plant Sciences, keysfishin

 28 July 2013

From Bogette Tour (AM)

Ez, GulfCoastRita
Fullscreen capture 7282013 74719 AM.bmp

 D3 Taking Off From Plant Sciences, elly
07282013_bogette10_D3 Taking of from Plant Sci

D3 Flying From Plant Sciences, elly
07282013_bogette11_D3 Taking of from Plant Sci

D2 on Kennedy, elly
07282013_bogette14_D2 on Kennedy

D2 in "-2 Tree", GulfCoastRita
Fullscreen capture 7282013 82653 AM.bmp

D2, GulfCoastRita
Fullscreen capture 7282013 82844 AM.bmp

07282013_bogette18_D2 in -2 Tree

D3 on Temporary Building, GulfCoastRita
Fullscreen capture 7282013 84532 AM.bmp

D3 Takes Off From Temporary Building, elly
07282013_bogette32_D3 Taking Off From Temporary Building

D3, GulfCoastRita
Fullscreen capture 7282013 84821 AM.bmp

D3, elly

D3, elly
07282013_bogette36_D3 on 2nd Temporary Building

D3, GulfCoastRita
Fullscreen capture 7282013 85604 AM.bmp

D3, GulfCoastRita
Fullscreen capture 7282013 85811 AM.bmp 

Around 3:15 PM, Cornell Cam, D2 at Nest

Screen Captures by MV and RedTailRhumba

From Bogette Tour (PM)

D on Caldwell, elly
07282013_PM_bogette1_D on Caldwell

 D Being Mobbed on Caldwell, elly
07282013_PM_bogette4_D being mobbed on Caldwell

 D Sunning on Caldwell, elly
07282013_PM_bogette6_Sunning Those Wings

D Sunning on Caldwell, elly
07282013_PM_bogette7_Sunning Those Wings

D on CCC, elly
07282013_PM_bogette10_D on CCC

D on Nest Rail, elly
07282013_PM_bogette12_D2 on Nest Rail

1st D on Light Tower Near Schoellkopf, elly
07282013_PM_bogette19_D on Light Tower Near Schoellkopf

2nd D, GulfCoastRita

2nd D Takes Off After Pigeon, GulfCoastRita

2nd D Takes Off After Pigeon, elly
07282013_PM_bogette24_2nd D Takes Off

1st D, elly
07282013_PM_bogette26_1st D

2nd D Returns to Light Pole, GulfCoastRita

3rd D on Smokestack Railing, GulfCoastRita

1st D, GulfCoastRita