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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Highlights for Wednesday, July 24

ID Help

I recently corrected some of the IDs on this blog as I had somehow flipped some attributes around in my mind. ID on these birds can be difficult and we are often using our "best guess" at a given time. Lighting, angle, and camera shot quality/capability can definitely make the task tougher. The important thing is that, primarily thanks to our BOGs, we are seeing these beautiful hawks, period! For those of you who do like to guess at IDs and don't find it too frustrating, here is a picture that may help:

D Belly Bands _from Ferris Tour scaps

Photos and Videos From Today

Summary Videos (elly):
Karels Cam: D1 on Schoellkopf in the Wind
Karels Cam: Ezra Schoellkopf Pole
Karels Cam: All 3, but Mostly D3 Eating on Schoelkopf Field
Karels Cam: D1 Checks To See if D3 Left Anything Edible (Not Really)
Karels Cam: Lots of D Action in Schoellkopf and Flying Around
Karels Cam: D3, What a Mess You Made!
Karels Cam: D Hangs Out with Pigeons While Another Hawk Soars

All Screenshots Today are from Karel's AM Tour.

D1 on Schoellkopf in the Wind (babynurse)
7-24-13 karels cam

7-24-13 karels cam

Fullscreen capture 7242013 75939 AM.bmp

Ezra on Pole (elly)
07242013_AM_karels7_Ez on Pole

D2 Watching D3 Eat (babynurse)
7-24-13 karels cam

D1 Watching D3 Eat (babynurse)
7-24-13 karels cam

D3 Eats on Schoellkopf Field (Gulf Coast Rita)
Fullscreen capture 7242013 81222 AM.bmp


D3 (elly)


D1 on Field (babynurse)
7-24-13 karels cam

D1 (elly)

D1 (elly)


Two Hawks Soaring (babynurse)
7-24-13 karels cam

D3 Made a Mess on Schoellkopf Field (babynurse)
7-24-13 karels cam