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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August 21 Updates

Update from Cornell Bird Cams, posted on Facebook around 4:00 PM today:

Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19 Updates

Hi everyone, 

I am continuing to provide the info the Lab posts on Facebook for archive purposes and for those of you who are not on Facebook and don't happen to see the Twitter updates. Today's update is as follows:

Update from Cornell Bird Cams, posted on Facebook around 5:00 PM today:

Links in this post:

Thursday, August 15, 2013

August 15 Updates

Update from Cornell Bird Cams, posted on Facebook around 4:00 PM today:

Links in this post: 
  • "We have posted the photos for those who would like to see them. However, please use discretion, since not everyone may wish to see photos of the dead hawk. Please click through to the page only if you wish to see the photos of the dead hawk's breast and tail feathers."
  • christinebshoals on Flickr 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August 13 Updates

Update from Cornell Bird Cams, posted on Facebook around 5:00 PM today:

Monday, August 12, 2013

August 12 Updates

D2 This Morning, by trtldove

Update from Cornell Bird Cams, posted on Facebook around noon today:

I would like to highlight the portion about directing any questions to rather than to the Vet School so that energies can be appropriately directed towards healing efforts. I truly apologize for not posting a comment to this effect before.

With prayers and love,


Second Update from Cornell Bird Cams, posted on Facebook around 3:00 PM today:

Online Giving Option (Info Provided by Karel and BOGette):

For those who might want to donate to help with the costs for the care of the juvie admitted to the Cornell Wildlife Center on 8/9/13, see details below. Please understand that we realize that there are many more folks who would like to help but just are not able to at this time. For those who are able we are representing the entire group. We're confident that this little one is in the best care possible and these funds will help the Wildlife Center with some of the costs. Thank you for your consideration.

- Karel and BOGette

BOGette checked and here is the link we think is best to help the juvie:

It sends the money to: Wildlife Health Center (749118). We typed in the additional note "for the care of the juvenile hawk admitted on 8/9/13" after the words "Wildlife Health Center (749118)".

Third Update from Cornell Bird Cams, posted on Facebook around 6:00 PM today:

Once again, for the the giving link click here.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Some Beautiful Words From keysfishin

 D3 on August 7, Screenshot from Karels Tour, by elly

From keysfishin:
I woke earlier than usual Saturday and my heart was heavy. I knew all the answers as I had done the research and knew our beloved Hawks had a tough road to survive as adults in this world. But that meant nothing at the moment. I had cried on the phone with friends as the news reached us in a state of disbelief. I wondered as I always do as to the whys and what fors, but I already knew the answer to those questions.

And so in the darkness of the early hours, I was drawn to the Majesty of that which IS as I sat and gazed at the quiet early morning sky to watch the Perseid Meteor Showers. And so I cried a bit as I marveled at an event some 2000 years old and the beauty of its Majesty. For the angels were telling the story of Being once again and I was in the presence of stilling myself to listen to its meaning. And as I was embraced by the Grace of that which IS, with the beauty and timeless Wonder of pieces of a past world streaking to a Majestic re-entry, so I was drawn again to the Grace to which I was privileged to witness with our Hawks. 

I spiral on unseen currents,
loftily, without effort
I leave the earth behind
on a soft breeze
absorbing the kissing sun
up here blanketed from all sound
save the soft flutter
of my feathers.
I oversee the earth,
the continuous struggle
for perspective and position,
knowing my place--
and uninhibited,
I choose my direction and
remain aloft as long as
it suits me.
I, the hawk,
free as air
define my days,
gliding unnoticed,
dreamlike through broad loops,
my shadow lost in the landscape,
and for an instant,
I know
I am the finishing detail
in God's composition.

(c) Charles Albano,1998. All Rights Reserved.

As the Hawks held me, so I hold you. Close to my heart, eternally grateful for your friendship and for the great majesty that IS.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Dear Hawk Friends

Sad Announcement

By now, you will have all seen the sad announcement from Cornell Bird Cams:

"There is sad news to share today. Though we aren’t sure that they are “ours,” two juvenile hawks were found on campus this morning. One had died, possibly overnight in the terrible thunder storms that we had, and the other has a badly injured foot and extensive abrasions to both legs. We are currently awaiting autopsy results for what may have killed the one hawk. The injured juvenile is currently being treated for his injuries. It is unclear how he was injured, though it may have been caused by a prey animal fighting back. He is currently resting quietly and on a regimen of pain medication and antibiotics. We are in touch with the veterinary staff treating the bird and will give an update as soon as we know more."

Brief Note from Elly

I was in the process of struggling to complete the Update Reports which are clearly overdue for this week when I received the news. It has already been an extraordinarily difficult week for me personally but I want you to know that I mourn for the loss with the rest of you and pray for the little one in care. Yes, I do know it has not been confirmed this is one of the Ds. But still....

Other Information

I am going to copy and paste some other reports here from last night, compiled by grasshopper01: 

"Gretchen Peterson OK, all, I'm here and will tell you what I know via a combination of Victoria, Karel, and BOGette.

Gretchen Peterson Karel and BOGette first went to the Cornell Veterinary Diagnostic Center where they were performing an autopsy on the deceased hawk. I'd say that was about 1:00 or so next time approximately.
Gretchen Peterson The vet there was VERY nice. She had not completed the autopsy but told them that the bird had no broken bones but that was all she could tell them at that point.
Gretchen Peterson The information I have says that the deceased bird was found early this morning (don't know a time) on the sidewalk between Bradfield and the greenhouses.
Gretchen Peterson A woman emailed the Lab of O about seeing the body and then evidently another woman actually picked up the bird and brought it to the front desk of the Lab and was told she needed to take it to the Diagnostic Center.
Gretchen Peterson Some man named Stan who works at the Cornell garage was also somehow involved in finding this bird, but I'm not sure how he fit in.
Gretchen Peterson The vet doing the autopsy said she was going to take pics of the bird and send to Karel. I do not know if that has been done or not. I just got out of a meeting and haven't talked to Karel yet since I wanted to come right here to you guys first.
Gretchen Peterson Paws, based on where the deceased bird was found, I can't imagine it was any other than ours.
Gretchen Peterson Karel and BOGette were able to see the injured hawk. It is small and vet believes it is a male. It had a very low belly band and a peachy chest consistent with D1.
Gretchen Peterson As Bird Cams said in their FB post, the bird is missing the hallux and an additional toe on one foot. All the toes are there on the other foot, but both legs are basically skinned. I believe the vet told Karel and BOGette that it could have been that the bird took on prey that was too large for it.
This bird appears to be a male. It was hard to tell if he was one of the D’s. He was bright and alert, but very calm, indicating that it was probably in a fair amount of pain and depressed. His injuries are a little strange. The injury to the foot indicates that something gave him a good bite to the left foot, probably while the hawk was catching prey, but he also has extensive abrasions to both legs, possibly from the same incident. The middle toe was “cleanly” taken off. There was some dead bone exposed that will be trimmed back. The hallux, or “toe” is the real worry. The skin has been taken off and bone is exposed. Muscles of that foot may be compromised as some were exposed. The injury looks to be 1-2 days old.
Gretchen Peterson The hawk is on an “IO” of pain meds, antibiotics and fluids and the foot has been wrapped. An “IO” is an intraosseous catheter that delivers meds and fluids directly into the humerus and is the best way to directly deliver meds. The wing is wrapped to keep the catheter in place. Bandages on the feet and legs will be changed a couple of times a day over the weekend and Monday they will reassess the injuries. They think that the hawk should pull through, BUT if the toe is beyond repair then that is a real problem.
Gretchen Peterson End of message from Lab.

Gretchen Peterson Information from Victoria on the deceased hawk:
The Diagnostic Lab does not yet have a confirmed diagnosis of what caused the one juvenile to die. Because it was found on a sidewalk by the road, there is a strong possibility that it was hit by a car. They have not yet had a chance to Xray the body to get more of an idea of what happened. Because of blood loss there was probably some kind of acute laceration.
Gretchen Peterson I’ve treated many birds, including hawks, that experienced severe blood loss from open fractures. A fellow rehabilitator admitted a hawk that had impaled itself on a branch when diving for prey. In other words, we do not yet know what caused the injury and I will let you know as soon as the Diagnostic lab gets in touch with me or sends us a report.
Gretchen Peterson End of message from Lab.

Gretchen Peterson And I forgot to share this about the injured hawk. Both Karel and BOGette got to pet him on the head. That meant a lot to them. I know they gave that hawk every OUNCE of love and hope from all of us in those touches.
Karel V Sedlacek Gretchen, Karel, Genesowl, and BOGette will go out tomorrow morning but we won't be streaming. Our hearts ache so terribly. I hope everyone understands. -- from BOGette" 

Saturday Morning Update

Karel is Livestreaming after all:

Saturday Evening Update 

Ferris on UStream: 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Note about Week of Aug 4

BOGette Tour, 8/5 AM,  D2 Getting Knocked Off Pole by Sib

My apologies for another posting delay....reports have been delayed due to personal health issues. There has been some fabulous footage from the past few days from BOGette/Karels Cam! Check out raw footage on Livestream, and videos on ncaerie's YouTube channel.

Best regards, 


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Week of July 28: Report 2 of 3

Our wonderful BOGette, with the help of genesowl, has been filming our babies playing in the skies and successfully hunting. Ezra has been spotted keeping on eye on things, whereas Big Red has apparently taken a well-deserved End-of-Season trip to the Talon Spa. In addition, we have more terrific photos from trtldove and christinebshoals taken on July 30!!

BOG Gallery

BOG Broadcasting

Bogette Broadcasts:

YouTube Videos  


7/31 Cornell Cam (AM)

Around 6AM, on Plant Sciences, keysfishin

Around 9AM, D2 Bug Hunting on Plant Sciences, keysfishin

7/31 BOGette Tour (AM)

Ezra on Space Sciences, elly
07312013_AM_Bogette1_Ez on Space Sciences

D3 on MVR

GulfCoastRita and elly

D3 on Caldwell


D2 on Ivy "Branch" Near Plant Sciences

GulfCoastRita and elly

D1 in Tree

BOGette tour 7/31/13

D3 in Tree


D2 on Plant Sciences


8/1 BOGette Tour (AM)

Ds Soaring Above Schoellkopf

Fullscreen capture 812013 74302 AM.bmp

08012013_AM_Bogette2_Juvies Soaring

D2 on Bradfield

08012013_AM_Bogette15_D2 on Bradfield

D3 on Caldwell

D3 on Smokestack

D3 in Tree


D3 on Plant Sciences
BOGette tour 8/1/13

D1 on Roberts

RedTailRhumba, GulfCoastRita, elly, and aliclaws

8/1 Cornell Cam (PM)

Hawk on Bradfield