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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Some Beautiful Words From keysfishin

 D3 on August 7, Screenshot from Karels Tour, by elly

From keysfishin:
I woke earlier than usual Saturday and my heart was heavy. I knew all the answers as I had done the research and knew our beloved Hawks had a tough road to survive as adults in this world. But that meant nothing at the moment. I had cried on the phone with friends as the news reached us in a state of disbelief. I wondered as I always do as to the whys and what fors, but I already knew the answer to those questions.

And so in the darkness of the early hours, I was drawn to the Majesty of that which IS as I sat and gazed at the quiet early morning sky to watch the Perseid Meteor Showers. And so I cried a bit as I marveled at an event some 2000 years old and the beauty of its Majesty. For the angels were telling the story of Being once again and I was in the presence of stilling myself to listen to its meaning. And as I was embraced by the Grace of that which IS, with the beauty and timeless Wonder of pieces of a past world streaking to a Majestic re-entry, so I was drawn again to the Grace to which I was privileged to witness with our Hawks. 

I spiral on unseen currents,
loftily, without effort
I leave the earth behind
on a soft breeze
absorbing the kissing sun
up here blanketed from all sound
save the soft flutter
of my feathers.
I oversee the earth,
the continuous struggle
for perspective and position,
knowing my place--
and uninhibited,
I choose my direction and
remain aloft as long as
it suits me.
I, the hawk,
free as air
define my days,
gliding unnoticed,
dreamlike through broad loops,
my shadow lost in the landscape,
and for an instant,
I know
I am the finishing detail
in God's composition.

(c) Charles Albano,1998. All Rights Reserved.

As the Hawks held me, so I hold you. Close to my heart, eternally grateful for your friendship and for the great majesty that IS.