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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Recent Hawk News and What to Watch in the "Off-Season"

Recent Hawk News

Karels and Bogette are still doing occasional BOG Tours and they have filmed Big Red and Ezra near campus. The pair have been hunting, protecting their territory, and simply looking beautiful. A juvie was spotted this Monday and there was actually some speculation whether the juvie was D-2! Ferris is doing regular tours on weekends, mostly at Montezuma and Sapsucker Woods.

YouTube Videos of Karels/Bogette Footage:

From elly (11/16):
(See YouTube Description for Time Index Descriptions.)

From ncaerie (11/18): and

Cornell Broadcast:

For those of you who missed Cornell's broadcast of "Behind the Scenes of Our Bird Cams" by Charles Eldermire, the blog and video link is:

What to Watch in the "Off-Season"

Finally, for those of you who would like a list of interesting cams to watch in the "off-season" for the hawks, there is ALWAYS a lot going on and more cams pop up all the time. Eagle nesting season is of course already well underway for Florida eagle cams! I am just posting SOME cams below as this will never be a comprehensive list, lol.