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Monday, December 9, 2013

Latest Sightings and New Kissing Tree Map!

Our royal hawk couple is often seen together around campus. As a matter of fact, Karels and BOGette have found them in 4 different "Kissing Trees" this year: Kissing Tree 1 on Judd Falls Road, Kissing Tree 2 near the Band Building, Kissing Tree 3 near Humphreys, and - as of yesterday - Kissing Tree 4 in front of AD White. Karels almost disqualified Kissing Tree 3 due to BR and Ez's "lack of snuggle-buggle-ness" in it as compared to the other KTs. But in the end, he decided to let it keep its designation! A map of the Kissing Trees is provided below.

Ferris has conducted two tours since the last update on this blog. He had a variety of sightings of BR and Ez (both together and separately) and of residents of Sapsucker Woods and the Pheasant Farm.

Last but not least, Ez visited the nest yesterday at 9:57 A.M. Apparently Donna was the ONLY cam viewer paying attention at the time! She provided the below screen captures and the following report, "[Ezra] brought no sticks, but wriggled around in the snowy patch. He then marched the length of the nest toward the fledge ledge, out of camera view."

12/8/2013 Ez and BR in Kissing Tree 4 near AD White, Karels and BOGette Cam, by elly

View BR and Ez Kissing Trees in a larger map

 12/2/2013 BR and Ez, Ferris Cam, by GCR

12/2/2013 BR and Ez, Ferris Cam, by grasshopper01

12/2/2013 Ez, Ferris Cam, by GCR

12/2/2013 BR, Ferris Cam, by MV

 12/8/2013 BR Flies Off Barton Antenna
Karels and BOGette Cam, by elly

12/8/2013 Ez Near Holey Cow Field
Karels and BOGette Cam, by elly

12/8/2013 Screenshots of Ez Visiting the Nest by Donna

12/9/2013 Our mods (ClareEliz in this case)
keep looking for Hawks on the Cornell Cam!
This is maybe a NAH (Not A Hawk).
by grasshopper01