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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Lots of Activity Around Thanksgiving

Our BOGs were busy this Thanksgiving week and weekend, ensuring that Big Red and Ezra (and other local bird citizens) are never left for long without their paparazzi. Some of the Cornell RTH cam ops also do quick cam tours from time to time, most frequently capturing beautiful scenery but ever hopeful to see our beloved hawks.

 Ezra on 12/1/2013, by sully7140

 BR on 12/1/2013 by Kathy Rinker Photography

From RTH Cam Tour by ClareEliz, 11/26/2013
Screenshot by grasshopper01

Vid of Greenhouses in the Snow and Cam Tour Spin, 11/26/2013


Other videos from BOG footage: (Vids by elly, except #6)
  1. 11/28/2013  Karels and Bogette Cam: Ez and Br and a Juvie Soaring on Thanksgiving
  2. 11/28/2013 PM Ferris Cam:  Probably Rosie
  3. 11/28/2013 PM Ferris Cam:  Merlin Hunting
  4. 11/28/2013 PM Ferris Cam:  BR on Baker
  5. 11/28/2013 PM Ferris Cam: Clips from Near and At Pheasant Farm
  6. 11/28/2013 PM Ferris Cam: Thankful Departure  by ferrisakel
  7. 12/1/2013 PM Karels and Bogette Cam:  BR and BOGs 
  8. 12/1/2013 PM Karels and Bogette Cam:  Ez Gets Divebombed by a Kestrel

12/1/2013 Ez Gets Divebombed on Rt 366, Karels and BOGette Cam

12/1/2013, 2013 BR, Karels and BOGette Cam

New Chawk Art on 12/1/2013

 by MV

 by GCR

  by GCR

  by GCR

 by GCR

More photos by gpeterson: