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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Intruder at the Nest Doesn't Faze BR and Ez

On the morning of Tuesday, Feb. 25, viewers were surprised to see TWO hawks with left bands on the nest, one clearly being Ezra and one being an intruder. After much speculation about this intrusion, the best photo manipulation available was done by ncaerie. She was able to obtain three numbers. Karels submitted the following report to

Species Name: Red-tailed Hawk
Band Number: Partial 005, on metal band, left leg.  We are working on other vid frames to see if we can get more digits.
How obtained?:
Viewed on Cornell Hawk Cam as he apparently tried to contest the nest with the resident RTH male Ezra.
Status of the band: Left on Bird
Status of the bird: Alive
Date of encounter: 02/25/2014
Encounter Location:
Coordinates represent exact location: 42.4472,-76.47678

Please help us identify this bird.  We have a large fan audience that is very interested!

Thank you on behalf of our RTH community,
Karel Sedlacek

The intruder was not seen again after Feb. 25. However, on the same day, there was another peregrine sighting on Bradfield. The peregrine ended up roosting on Bradfield all night. Feb.25 was an exciting and exhausting day, especially for cam op keys and videographer ncaerie! 

BR and Ez have continued visiting the nest, bringing sticks, and working on the nest bowl throughout the week. Today (Saturday, Mar. 1), Ez even brought his love breakfast at the nest! BR in particular has been working really hard today, flying back and forth between the nest and "Stikea".

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 02252014 11:10 AM by keysfishin. Intruder stands on Ez's tail. Scroll left and right for more scaps.

02252014 11:10 AM by sebourne. Scroll for more scaps.
Peregrine Falcon on Bradfield

02252014 5:27 PM by keysfishin. Scroll for more scaps.

BR and Ez Nest Visits

  02242014 1206 PM by RedTailRhumba. BR. Scroll for more scaps.

02252014 3:26 PM by Benjammin. Ez. Scroll for more scaps.

02272014 7:19 AM by grasshopper. Ez visits nest with a stick. Scroll for more scaps.

02272014 7:19 AM by sebourne. Ez Wiggle Wiggle. Scroll for more scaps.

02272014 7:59 AM by keysfishin. BR at Stikea in front of Plant Sciences. Scroll for more scaps.

 02272014 11:39 AM BR by Sally

02282014 AM by GulfCoastRita. BR Departs Scroll for more scaps.

03012014 6:52 AM by keysfishin. BR. Scroll for more scaps. 

03012014 7:00 AM by grasshopper. BR leaves with prey that Ez brought. Scroll for more scaps. 

 03012014 by Whitestar0. BR and Ez

03012014 11:20 AM by sebourne. BR wiggling in the nest bowl. Scroll for more scaps.

03012014 11:55 AM by grasshopper. BR. Scroll for more scaps

 03012014 by 1Claude. BR at Stikea

 03012014 12:02 PM by 1Claude. BR with "the perfect stick"