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2013 Chatter Poetry and More

Day After – 1 July 2013

Did anyone else act just like me
And go to the cams this morning to see
If by chance there maybe were a few simple words
By chatters or mods to welcome “our” birds?

It’s all really fine on this day after.
Last night was special with lots of laughter,
Accompanied by more than one sniff and tear,
As we closed with our sentiments and a big cheer.

It was such a fine second nest cam season
For so much more than just one reason.
We watched three eggs hatch into winged beauties
As experienced parents performed their duties.

In sun and in rain, in sleet and in snow,
Snakes, squirrels, and chippies, and pigeons in tow,
Annoyed by those pesky loud nesting starlings,
Big Red and Ezra nurtured our darlings.

Cams, mods and experts showed us so much,
Sharing knowledge of hawks and life and such.
We knew it would come yet wanted to hold off
On saying good-bye as each one would take off.

And even with knowledge, we still were on edge,
With flapping and growing till each unique fledge.
Slipping or hanging or flying on wing,
Each D uniquely did its own thing!

Fences and bushes and trees and ledges,
Crosswalks and car tops for this year’s fledges!
We watched with tension and nervous reaction,
As BOGs and cam ops kept up with the action.

They’re still learning lessons and continue to grow,
But the Ds are looking so good that we surely know
That it’s time to let go and imagine the three
Flying strong to fulfill their hawk destiny.

Bittersweet it is to think of good-bye,
But it’s really just shouting, “Fly, beauties, fly!”
So on this day after I could say many things,
But I’ll simply remind you, “Look up...on wings!”

-DayAtBeach, July 1

What a wonderful nest season we all have had! As we watched BR laying her eggs and EZ (the greatest dad) tirelessly brood those precious little eggs, as we watched our little fuzz balls grow we all shed a tear knowing they would be leaving again this year. And as chat spun as fast as the speed of light little D-2 gave us a horrible fright. Then we all wait, and wait, for little D-3 to fledge and then one day…. she beautifully fledged! With lilacs, EONS, and pantaloons in our rearview mirror to all our wonderful chatters and the greatest moderators ever I bid you adieu. You will be in my lasting memory forever....

-RedTailRhumba, June 30

We are privileged to get a glimpse into Mother Nature's world. Humans do not realize they do not have the concept of "family" all to themselves. All creatures are family and let their young go to better our world. I look at these 3 beautiful hawks and hope they will be strong leaders in the wild kingdom. Fly high, fly free, fly strong little D's. Thank you God.

- lbwisner, June 30

hawk chalk
sebourne, June 30
(Click on Picture and Scroll for More Pics)


the grass sprouted a bit higher this year
and weeds took relentless hold.
the flowers need care
to thrive again-
in their petal-soft aroma
comes a gentle, silent plea.

yet with eyes wide-open
a scene unfolded-
a gift more precious than gold.
a glimpse of the wonder of nature-
this vision i had only been told.

eagerly, i watched and listened
content, i read and learned
and saw faith, dedication,and love
in a family of red-tail hawks.

raising their young with faultless skill
braving the threats of nature
agasp i watched a story be told-
a tale from a long-ago time.

i am blessed to have witnessed
this sharing
my soul has been lifted
my heart enlightened-
unknowingly they inspired me,
to seek hope in the morning dawn.

now i raise my eyes to the glory of nature
and take notice how perfect it is.
now i’ve learned to gaze skyward
to glimpse the majestic hawk
who’s shadow belies the land.

dedicated to the little Ds-
wishing you strength and courage on your journey ahead-
I will never forget you.

-lonleewolf, June 29

goodnight moon, goodnight stars,
goodnight hawks on the 'monkey bars' (plantsci bldg)
good night stars and good night moon
goodnight Hawkers, see you in E season soon.
(blatantly stolen from Dr S)  :)

Serious note..I have SO enjoyed all of you, some for the 2nd season,
and all the newbies. What a lovely thing it is to enjoy Gods creatures
with others who love them too. Thanks for the memories.

-lluanesch, June 29

Pic  from lashlee
lashlee (babynurse's daughter)

graphite pencil drawing by my daughter
lashlee (babynurse's daughter)

 Sage24, June 29

‘Twas the night before Hawk Nest and all through Cornell
Not a chatter was chatting or wishing Mods well.
The Mods were all nestled snug in their beds
While visions of hawklets danced in their heads.

And BR in her pantaloons and EZ in his vest
Had just settled down with a stick for the nest.
When up from the pipe there arose such a chatter
Mods sprang to the cam to see what was the matter.

Away toward the pipe the cam flew in high res
And fixed on that pipe, awaiting a Pez®
The sun of the morn on the nest and light box
Gave a lustre of gold to the eggs and our hawks.

When what to our wondering eyes should appear
But 3 tiny eyas, with both parents near.
With a loud little starling, so chatty and quick
We expected EZ to grab it right quick.

Still more chatty, more rapidly than raptors, chatters came.
They questioned and shouted; they called Mods by name.
Now, Culley - a close-up!  Now, gp, pull back!
CE, to the old nest! (But she gave a verbal whack!)

Look right now!  No, stay there! Now, our morning tour!
The chatters are charming; but all demand more.
As eyas grew feathers and dandelions dwindled,
As Ds tore into mammals, hearts quickened and kindled.

Soon out to the edge, they preened on the ledge;
With warbles and wobbles, the first 2 Ds fledge.
Lovely D3 had studied; she watched and she waited.
Daily she kept her many viewers breath bated!

At last she decided to give flying a try,
Moved into place and took off: good-bye…
Like D2, the walker, D3 copied some moves;
Soon all were flying ‘round Cornell’s "rooves".

Now the chatters had BOGS aplenty to command.
Send Karels! Call profd!  Let Ferris go stand!
On Flickr and YouTube, on Livestream we must see
Every movement, so track them!   A map there must be!

Cornell and the Mods were all kindness, though armed
With hammers and phrases; no one was much harmed.
Please read Twitter.  Link here.  Let me give Elly’s blog.
I would have been grumpy; maybe not spared the rod.

‘Our’ Ds are chubby and plump,
with good drops from Vole-Mart.
And we laugh when we see them,
They’ve all won our hearts.

A flap of the wings and a twist of the head;
About Ds we MUST chat and June thirty we dread!
Will we speak not a word?  Return to our work?
Will we clean up our houses, longing to lurk?

So thanking Cornell, and the Mods, and all those
Who daily brought wonders right in front of my nose:
I spring to my feet, to you all give a greeting:
Let’s contribute to the Bird Cam, if we can, to keep meeting!

And let’s all exclaim ‘til next Spring when we meet:
“There’s a RTH website you must see!” (Repeat.)
-newbirdnerd, June 29

'Twas the week that chat closes,
and all through the Hawklands,
Hawkoholics were reminiscing
and wringing their hands.

The chalkers were scheming
and taking great care,
To make sure all the chatters
had seen their names there.

The Mods were all smiling
and had thoughts in their heads,
That all of next week,
they could stay in their beds.

Ferris, Karels, Bogette and all of our BOGS
will continue to watch and to tour
They know they’re our eyes and
we always want more !

We owe a debt of gratitude
to Charles, the Lab and all of Cornell.
For all your hours of hard work,
you’re way more than swell!

But how to thank ncaerie and elly
for blogging & capturing the scenes?
Their hours of work spent hunched
over their screens!

Hopefully BR, EZ, D1, 2 & 3
will continue to know
They will always thrill & delight us,
with their wonderful show!

So we will return to the cam
year after year.
With hopes that Big Red and Ezra
will once again reappear!

And so my dear hawk friends,
I’m all out of words.
So in the spirit of KidGos
I wish you Best Birds!

-Picklepin, June 27

"The Ultimate Hawk Chalk"
The Ultimate 2013 Chawk Art
grasshopper01 and ctgeomom
(Click on Picture and Scroll for More Pics)
Flickr Set:

To all I must say "adieu".
To especially the "hammering" crew.
It's been a real pleasure. I always will treasure,
The moments spent chatting with you!

-DCLbyrdnyrd, June 25

Faceless Friends

Chat, learn, laugh, make friends
Love BR, EZ, Ds three
Next year? See you here

-pbearskcmo, June 24

There was a young hawklet, D2,
Whose fledging went wildly askew.
She pondered for days
Planning her next forays.
When the timing was right, she just flew

-Ohioann, June 22

Ode to BR, EZ and D1, 2 & 3

A mere week before laying, Cornell they did learn,
BR & EZ would give a new nest a turn.
With hustle and bustle, the workers they flew,
To install equipment for images true.
BR & EZ, well, they then went to town,
To bring into this world three new puffs of down.
The nest bowl they did finish, with greenery new,
While strips of moss, and fine bark, were woven in, too.
First egg of the year, on March 15th did appear,
Two days later, second was where we could see ‘er.
T’was three days more, before egg three came along,
Which lightened our hearts; many burst out with song!
Chatters visited on ‘puters, Mods stood by,
Waited . . . watched the brooding - the time did not fly.
Bravest BR & EZ, their fine clutch did guard -
Through rain, sleet & snow - weather elements so hard.
April 22, not a single egg hatched,
D1 and D2 came instead as a “batch!”
BR sent EZ out for more prey to be found,
To feed family you bet, he’d bring it ‘round!
D3 though, she waited, until day thirty-four,
A tiny wing, then a leg, from egg’s open door.
D1, 2, 3 hatched - BR / EZ’s delight!
Bobble heads 3! Such a blessing! What a sight!
The fine Mods with their wisdom, the chatters they led,
A journey filled with knowledge to store in their heads.
The nestlings they grew fast, from parent’s fine care,
The wonders of their world, with us they did share.
The moment draws near; too soon time has gone by,
For life is now ready - these young birds must fly.
More anxious than their parents, the chatters do watch,
With hopes that their fledgings they truly won’t botch!
On the fourth day of June, D1 had enough,
He was hopping and jumping - this wasn’t no bluff!
From the ledge he fell-ledged and away he did go,
On wings open wide - not too fast - nor, was it slow.
D2 just couldn’t stand it; 5 June did the same,
At last second tried to stop - “Man this ain’t no game!”
She learned quickly her wings they won’t stop on a dime,
So to lilacs she went, and there spent lots of time.
All the sibling troubles, when first flight plans strayed,
Got D3 to thinking, “Man, I’ve so got it made!
From this nest I won’t fledge, for many a day,
No reason to go - even located prey!”
D3 watched closely; five days waiting to see -
D2 out of the lilacs and into a tree!
‘Cross ground and street strolled she, flew up onto a car,
‘Til finally to branches; she earned a gold star!
T’was the 12th of June, with the day waning fast,
When D3 decided, “Time to fledge!” - At last!
Knowing what to do, to avoid all the strife,
This Red-tail launched cleanly, out into her life.
So now, ‘tis time for hawks to leave us this year,
Though many chatters will shed more than one tear.
Still small voice calls from our heart, as they leave our sight -
“This is Nature’s Way - EONS! - They Will be All Right!”

-skeetr, published on blog June 20

We Worry

We worry because it's too cold...
We worry- the kids are too hot!
We worry: Too close to the edge!
And we worry why they don't hop

We worry when they are asleep
And if they won't take a nap
We worry when they will not eat
And gasp when they do a big flap

We cherish our kids
And we do wish them well
And with everyone's help
They'll turn out swell!

-jillbru, May 22 (published on blog June 20)

Goodnight Hawks Tribute 2013, for Culley :)

On the great Cornell campus, there was a hawk nest
And 2 cams on the nest, with pictures of,
Big Red and Ezra flying over the moon,
and there were three little hawk chicks, sitting in the nest,
and some hawkaholics with a pair of binoculars,
and a little pipe house and a young starling,
and a chat and a cam feed, and a nest bowl full of leaves,
and a quiet old mod whispering hush,
Goodnight nest, goodnight moon,
Goodnight hawks flying over the moon,
Goodnight Cornell and the cams on the nest,
Goodnight Ds and goodnight trees
Goodnight Weill and goodnight Bradfield
Goodnight Karel and goodnight Bogette
Goodnight little pipe house and goodnight starlings,
Goodnight Ferris and his entourage,
Goodnight Big Red and goodnight Ezra,
and goodnight to the old mod whispering hush,
Goodnight stars and goodnight air,
Goodnight chatters everywhere

- Anonymous, June 20

D1 and BR

I left my heart in Cornell Hawks Land
High on a perch, it calls to me
To be where little red tail hawks
soar halfway to the stars
The morning fog may chill the air, I don't care

- keysfishin, with screenshot by grasshopper01
June 8 (published on blog June 17) 

The fact that our young hawks have done so much walking made me think up a few walking songs to celebrate them.

"I keep a close watch on this nest of mine,
I keep my eyes wide open all the time,
I flap my wings so I'll be soaring fine.
I walk the ledge
Before I fledge."

"These hawks are made for walking
And that's just what they'll do.
One of these days these hawks are gonna
Slice all over you."

"I'm walking,
Yes indeed,
And I'm hawking
About the D's,
And I'm hoping
That they'll walk back to trees."

"Way oh, way oh,
Walk like a buteo . . ."

-Amazing Journey, June 17

hawk chalk
Fullscreen capture 15062013 203648.bmp   
grasshopper01, June 15
(Click on Picture and Scroll for More Pics)

And They Flew

As you stood upon the ledge, perfectly planning your first fledge...
Did you once consider us-those down here making the fuss?
Our hearts were pounding and eyes were blurred...
You have become, well, our whole world!
For those brief moments we're blessed with you,
Though I AM grateful you finally flew! ♥

- Jacecat, June 14

Just for fun, chatters made up some special titles for certain individuals involved in the Cornell Hawk chat. List compiled by grasshopper01 and ctgeomom from lists submitted by oldbeak, friedegg, sistie, psguru, and ctgeomom.

Miyoko Director of Communications
Charles Chief of Staff
Keys Justice of the Peace /Top Gun on cam
Lotties Assistant Director Health and Hawk Services
gpeterson Director of Human and Avian Resources
daisybird Head of Air Traffic Control
Benjammin Director of Hawk Relations
ClareEliz Chief of Police, aka Thor
Rehaber Secretary of Education
Berrygood Chief Cook and Hawk Watcher
CulleyL Director of Health and Hawk Services
Renorabbit Moderator Emergency Readiness Team (MERT)
k sweden Director of International Avian Affairs
Emrys Director of Student Affairs
Nomi Hawkland Press Secretary
Elly Director of Archives at the National Hawk Museum
ncaerie Director of Videography
Ferris Director of Hawkland Security
Karels Director of Fresh Kills
grasshopper Head of Foreign Services
Raylene Mayor of Hawkland
BOGS Members of Secret Service
beak CEO, Comedy Central
friedegg Head of Dept. of Aging
sistie Cornell Chapter of SPCA

- June 14

(A Red-Tailed Tale)

BR and EZ both conferred,
And laid some twigs where they preferred,
But when the VIPs at Cornell heard,
They raced to catch the glory.

An RT nest?  We had to peek!
And hours, then days, turned into weeks.
We forewent food; we sidestepped sleep.
We couldn’t miss this story!

We came to know each feathered elf,
As workload piled upon the shelf.
If Audubon were here himself,
He’d no doubt join the cause.

We lurked until it felt intrusive,
Family, friends found us reclusive,
Thanks to Cornell’s sweet exclusive.
(Hear our loud applause!!!)

Upon her perch, D3 transfixed,
Ferocious flaps and tail flicks,
Hunting wayward starling chicks,
When D1 ditched the nest.

Besotted lurkers, near and far,
Watched D2 chawk-art Raylene’s car,
And D3?  She was born a star.
Those pantaloons are best!!

A mighty flap and D1 vaulted,
O’er the edge, he somersaulted,
And, as one, our breathing halted,
But he soared in style.

Another “fell-edge,” a windy day,
A wrenching, single-toed ballet.
“C’mon, D2!!” we cursed, we prayed,
And triumph trumped her trial.

D3 remained upon her ledge,
To contemplate this thing called “fledge.”
Midst chippie butts and starling Pez,
She wisely did postpone.

For seven days, our charming dear,
Did play us like a puppeteer.
She earned her wings with heartfelt cheer,
And deftly left her throne.

From egg to fledge, we’ve been entranced,
To rendezvous such circumstance.
Oh, what a lively, lovely dance,
For all the world to see!!

Through Stone Age mist and dewy chill,
‘Fore sun’s first kiss can warm the hill,
In buoyant bliss, our RTs shrill:
D1!!!  D2!!!  D3!!!

- S. Heffner, June 15


This spring, I took a course at Cornell
Not offered by professors and their crew
But taught by Big Red - and Ezra as well
And three eggs that hatched and grew

I appreciate having learnt a great deal
Helped by Mods and others well-read
Including what makes a good hawk meal
MoDo, Chippie, UFO, furry and feathered

About cast and slice and the role of the preen
About talons, dandelions and foot size
About nesting materials, brown and green
About tail feathers and colour of eyes

For the first time, I chatted away
Ignored work, chores and spouse
Asked questions night and day
And sometimes sat quiet as a mouse

But the stars of my course at Cornell
Were the D's, sometimes so similar
Other times quite individual
Giving us memories to treasure

We watched them feed and sleep
Stand and flap.....wobbling
Begin to explore and compete
Lie in stupor after pig(eon) gobbling

We admired their tireless parents
And took hundreds of truly great pics
We took interest in the elements
And held our breath at starling antics

Then came the time we'd awaited
The time they'd leave the nest
Our eyes were crossed, our breath bated
We all had a view on when would be best

But Nature took on that task
The D's fledged so differently
Where's D1, 2 and 3 we'd ask
Greenhouse, car, ground or tree

D1 part accident, quickly recovered
D2 oops - too early, my girl
Then we waited and debated
Until D3 was ready to give it a whirl

Now our hawk community is bereft
We wanted to hold them if we could
But at heart, we're happy they've left
To rise, fly free and live as they should

So, a huge thank you to Cornell
To Charles, Ferris, Karels, ProfD
To mods, BOGs, chatters, lurkers and all
To chalkers, rehabers, worriers and Culley

I look up, see raptors on the wing
Knowing more than I did before
I look forward to my course next spring
Until then, may our hawks thrive and soar.

- pikecottage, June 13

hawk chalk
sebourne, June 9
(Click on Picture and Scroll for More Pics)

The slip and first flight of D1,
Meant fledge week had finally begun,
D2's special dangle, gave a new angle,
Of how hawk fledging is done!

- DCLbyrdnyrd, June 6

Allopreening sweetly in the warm midday sun,
Up and down the runway-flappercizing fun,
BR’s wiggle wiggle over fluffy fuzzy heads,
And Ezra’s such a handsome guy-lucky Big Red!
Just a hint of favorites, some that you may share...
This is why I donated to Cornell again this year!

- Jacecat, June 5

Three little hawklets sitting in a nest, one blew away and left the rest.
One tipped over and hung on tight, but with just one grip, lost the fight.
One little D Hawk left behind, waiting patiently to join her kind.
BR and Ezra, Hawk parents supreme,
have given us humans beautiful "Hawk Dreams".

- Jersey, June 5

hawk chalk
Fullscreen capture 652013 74455 PM
Benjammin1, June 5

elly012912, June 5

The First Fledge of 2013

... and so it starts
dancing hawk littles
pirouetting off the ledge,
caught in gust or puff or just in
exhalation of being
fliers and weavers of the wind - so
we gasp and laugh or cry at the
now you see me solid
and now you don’t -
now you see me hop-flapping
and now you don’t -
now you see me lifting my feathers
in my element
now you see me
and you see
a hawk.

-CLMbirds, June 4

So one swift hawk has safely flown and rests within a fir.
Two sweet hawks remain tonight waiting their awesome turns.
Now the one will contemplate beyond his fledge,
Whilst all our eyes upon “the ledge”.

- jacecat, June 4

From pip to fledge - each moment so great
It's come the time of anxious wait
Soon our hawks will all take flight
We pray they soar to magnificent heights

-jacecat, June 3

hawk chalk
Fullscreen capture 01062013 215404.bmp
grasshopper01, June 1
(Click on Picture and Scroll for More Pics)

05-21-2014 - Good night!
Lotties Mimi, May 22

hawk chalk
05-18-2013 - Hawk Chawk #1
Lotties Mimi, May 18
(Click on Picture and Scroll for More Pics)

05-09-2014 - The Hawky-Pokey
The Hawkey Pokey by LottiesMimi, May 9

Fullscreen capture 572013 32844 PM
nomibird, May 7

Driving into work
I search the sky for hawks now.
They lighten my heart.

- iad1, May 7

hawk chalk
Hawkoholic sidewalk chalk
RedTailRhumba, May 5

 nomibird, April 3

 sully7140 (BOG Photo), April 21