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2013 Chatter Tales of Red-Tails

Stories about all the funny, crazy, or imaginative things chatters have done to dedicate themselves to watching to our beloved hawks. Page idea by RoseMariWaterlow.


From RTHfriend:
I have been keeping BR & Ez and my incredible experience this spring with them, their babies, and all of you close to my heart. What I experienced this spring with all of you has been a blessing beyond my wildest imagination and for that I am grateful. When I had heard the sad news about the Ds, it was because I came to the Cornell Bird Lab site to listen to the sound of juvenile hawks. I was sure that's what I had been hearing out back (a nest was built out back last winter) but I needed to double check the sound....sure enough...I was right....and excited. I was also shocked and saddened by the news of our Ds.

I have been enlightened by the RTH's who have become a daily part of my presence every day for over a yr now. I have seen them raise 2 families.....this yr a close up w/ the nest just a few yards past my fence. We have a spiritual connection. They appear to me daily often many times/day) after my short meditations or if I just energetically connect with them and ask them to come by. btw....i invited them to build that nest months before it appeared. While I have not been a good Elly :), I have done some and I do want to spend some time documenting my experience. It's been so much more than watching the beautiful Red-Tailed Hawks Soar over my little postage stamp of sky in my backyard. :)

May the spirit of the RTH continue to bless each and every one of you. I look forward to watching BR & EZ next spring with all of you!

You Know You're a Hawkaholic When…
From pamlfl:
I know I'm a hawkaholic when my dog, Ralphie, is looking at me in a mantle position!
Thanks so much to the great "D" family of hawks, MODS, BOGS, chatters, lurkers, chalk artists, Karel, Ferris, elly, ncaerie, and those I missed. Thanks to the Cornell Lab workers who put up the cameras and watch over us, the cameras and birds, Charles, thanks so much for such a wonderful, educational and informative experience! It's been amazing!!! I love nature, taking photos, and having my "heart sing." This community of great people has taken my breath away soooo many times! Who knew Screen Caps would be so creative and fun to do and show to others. Thanks to all....That's it... I'm gone....*poof*, yeah, right??? - I probably still have this window open!!!

You Know You're a Hawkaholic When…
 From harpsi:
… you bring home a dozen eggs from the market and turn each one in the box before refrigerating.

Hawkaholic Blogger Central
From elly012912:
Some people have asked if I sleep. Indeed, I do. However, how many nights I have fallen asleep on the couch in this picture is between me and my cats. :)

You Know You're a Hawkaholic When…
From psguru:
…you're late for your tee-time because you didn't want to miss D3's fledge.
…your Repetitive Stress Syndrome is no longer from work, but from AAB Chat.
…your partner walks into the room and starts waving her arms and making bird-like noises to get your attention!

(Huge shout-out to the best Mods on the planet - you are all my post-work stress saviors!)

Vegan Chipmunk Cupcakes
From DayAtBeach: I fell head over heels for this beautiful family last year and am again watching with joy this season. I find it oddly fascinating that I can yell "Chippie!" at my laptop with a big smile on my face and watch with intensity at the close-ups as Big Red pulls out some fine squirrel "spaghutti" for the three Ds. I eat vegan, after all (and could never bring myself to even cut up a whole chicken when I did eat meat). I have even made vegan cupcakes to look like chipmunks, in honor of BR, EZ and their offspring. Fortunately, those who eat the cupcakes understand! 

Hawk-Watching Can Be Hazardous to Your Water Bill
From RoseMariWaterlow: After missing D1 and D2 fledge live, I was determined to see D3 fledge. I was constantly glued to some device - iPhone, iPad, Laptop, whatever connected me to D3 and family. In addition to the portable devices, I had the family desktop on all the time so I wouldn’t miss anything when I walked from one room to the next. Well, one day, I HAD to leave and HAD to take a shower so I walked into the bathroom and started the shower. While I was waiting for the hot water to come through I thought, “just one quick check on D3”, and walked out and sat down at the family PC. My husband walked in for lunch and said, “I see you’re watching your birds.”  My eyes never leaving the screen of course, I nodded. A few moments later, my husband came back into the room and said, “why is the shower running?” I had completely forgotten about the shower. It had been running for a good 15 minutes!

You Know You're a Hawkaholic When…
From Shakespeare527:’re so afraid you’ll miss something that you wander around the grocery store watching All About Birds on your cell phone.’re so afraid you’ll miss D3 fledge that you pull over on the side of the road 3 times on the way home to check the Twitter feed.
…you get upset that Siri can’t read Twitter to you.
…the internet goes out at home you rush down to the nearest Starbucks just for the internet connection and then vow to write a strongly worded letter to Starbucks because their WiFi won’t support both All About Birds and Ferris’ Live Cam at the same time!

Steamed About Hawks
From Lurkingfromwi: I took my computer in the bathroom with me so I could take my shower and my hubby happened to walk in and saw I was trying to see through the fog on the glass and he asked me "should I build your computer right in the shower wall and I said that would be great. He just looked at me, turned around, and walked out shaking his head.

And They Flew
From Jacecat: As you stood upon the ledge, perfectly planning your first fledge...
Did you once consider us-those down here making the fuss?
Our hearts were pounding and eyes were blurred...
You have become, well, our whole world!
For those brief moments we're blessed with you,
Though I AM grateful you finally flew! ♥

Special Days
From Anonymous: I could hardly believe that D1 fledged on my 46 anniversary [6/4], woohoo! Then I thought wouldn't it be greedy if D3 would fledge on my 73rd birthday [6/12]. Wow, sure enough, what a beautiful thing. I will never forget these beautiful birds. That includes D2 also, love them.

From ChesBay: You know you're hooked when you have watched the Cornell Hawk Cam so much that you start thinking like BR & EZ. Hubby came home from work the other day and told me he saw a big, furry squirrel and immediately thought - mmm - lunch! :) (Thank goodness he did not try to catch it or bring it home - ha ha!)

Catty Chatter

From Elderbeak: Our cat is into hawk watching too. When my wife is on her computer watching the web cam, the cat climbs into her lap and watches the hawks on the screen intently, sometimes pawing at them. Although there is probably more on her mind than just watching, I think if she saw how big they are in real life, she wouldn't be so interested.

A Chorus of Students
From SkyOfBirds: My mother teaches classes. Homeschool classes, specifically. It's become a joke in these classes: my mom will say, "Why aren't I prepared for today's class?" and the class will chorus "You were watching the hawk cam!" And it's true.

Father and Daughter Hawkaholics
From Jane22: I came across an article about the Cornell nest cams in my local  paper and checked out the site in time to see the start of the hatch of D3. I telephoned my father, also a bird lover, who lives near Rochester, NY. We stayed on the phone together and witnessed the hatch. So cool to see and, even though we live hundreds of miles apart, an awesome event to share firsthand with my Dad. Been happily hooked ever since and have experienced dry eyes, heart palpitations, "frozen butt syndrome" and everything else that comes with being a hawkaholic.