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2013 More Bedtime Stories

05122013_8:26 PM

  1. Tuesday, May 14, 2013: "Be Careful What You Ask For" by Renorabbit
  2. Monday, May 20, 2013: "BB and the Feral Cat" by BBshot

Monday, May 20, 2013
BB and the Feral Cat*
by BBshot

9:42 PM BBshot: Eventful evening feeding BB.. She molted another tail feather... Then she ate 1/2 of the quail while on my glove sitting on the front porch just chillin... That's when it happened... :-O
9:43 PM BBshot: BB went into full attack posture and was mad as heck... There was a feral cat across the street coming out of the bushes and she wanted a piece of it...
9:45 PM BBshot: While I still had 1/2 of a quail for her in my hand she decided she wanted that cat and bated like crazy towards it...
9:47 PM BBshot: Well she was tethered to my glove and couldn't go far but she was trying like heck to get to that cat... The cat saw her and turned and bolted behind a house... BB regained her position on the glove

9:47 PM gpeterson: Phew. No cat carnage.
9:47 PM LuvBirdKY: Cat carnage would make a lousy bedtime story
9:47 PM vaultqueen: My cats were reading along.
9:48 PM TexasWOmn: vault, did you cover their eyes?!
9:48 PM BBshot: and just kept looking for the cat... I finally got her settled down... I hate feral cats....

9:48 PM vaultqueen: Of course. You know they love to read - stand on my newspaper...walk on my keyboard...
9:48 PM BBshot: The End..... :-)

Story Notes:
  • If you didn't guess, BBshot is a falconer and BB is red-tailed hawk. :)
  • Definition of the term "bate" from The Modern Apprentice: The action of the bird attempting to fly from a perch or the fist while attached by a leash. The bird may be startled and wanting to leave, may have seen something attractive and curious to fly to it, or may be impatient to be flying or hunting.

*Title and Chat Capture by sebourne

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013
Be Careful What You Ask For*

by Renorabbit

9:48 PM PeaKid: I wonder if Reno has a bedtime story for us?
9:48 PM jillbru: Reno, we want a bedtime story
9:49 PM Nomibird: Yes, Reno! Story!
9:49 PM Renorabbit: A bedtime story? Nothing I can repeat here!
9:49 PM CoastNC: Tell us a story, Wab! Hey everybody!
9:49 PM Renorabbit: Once upon a time there was a rhyme mime.
9:50 PM WawaseeLady: Anybody want some milk?
9:50 PM SassyCali: With cookies?
9:50 PM Renorabbit: The rhyme mime had an orange door hinge.
9:50 PM SEM270: wawa can i get mint oreos?
9:50 PM Renorabbit: He entertained himself reading Nook books, but he stole them.
9:50 PM Renorabbit: That made him a Nook book crook.

9:51 PM gpeterson: And he was a crow so he was a Nook book crook rook.
9:51 PM Renorabbit: But someone took the Nook Book crook rook book.
9:52 PM Renorabbit: He knew a non-craven raven.

9:52 PM Mikesbird: mistook the crook rook book crook for look a book?
9:52 PM babynurse1: a non-craven raven
9:52 PM PeaKid: Sam I Am
9:52 PM hawkmama: Fox in Socks
9:53 PM SassyCali: Hop on Pop
9:53 PM TexRod: Reno, The Raven was Craven a Maven!
9:53 PM gpeterson: So that made him a Nook Book crook rook book crook.
9:53 PM Renorabbit: Yooks.
9:53 PM gpeterson: Yooks?
9:53 PM vaultqueen: Please tell me he had a hook.
9:53 PM gpeterson: Yooks?
9:53 PM llamacat: I want to know what happened to the orange door hinges
9:53 PM buflogal: yooks books?
9:53 PM babynurse1: yooks?
9:53 PM Renorabbit: Did he take a look at his Nook Book crook rook book?
9:53 PM jillbru: me too, llama
9:54 PM babynurse1: no, he didn’t reno
9:54 PM Renorabbit: He made a new ice cream for hawks...
9:54 PM Renorabbit: ...called squirrel twirl.

9:54 PM gpeterson: Or Chippie Peppie
9:54 PM Benjammin1: does it include one squirrel tail in each pint RR? Their way...
9:54 PM Renorabbit: Another favorite was Vole Role.
9:55 PM Renorabbit: And Starling Darling.

*Title and Chat Capture by sebourne