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Popular Videos from 2012

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Fledge Videos:

2012 Cornell RTH Cam Slideshow (elly012912)

May 4, 2012 @ 1242 hrs EDT Ez feeds C3 Upside Down (Munchie1951)

 May 6, 2012 Hawklet Casting (AlohaLynnie)

Ezra Brings a Live Chipmunk May 20, 2012 (Lab of Ornithology)

05242012_612pm EDT Chipmunk Legs Hanging Out of C3's Beak (elly012912)

06032012_653am EDT Ez and the Crazy Robin (elly012912)

06032012_854am EDT KidCam follows BR to Stikea (elly012912)

 1st RTH fledgling returns to nest, slomo w/subtitles (tomthefrop ) 06072012

06092012_1217pm EDT C3 Throws Fledge Tantrum (elly012912)

06122012_900pm EDT C1 and C3 Snuggle (elly012912)

06172012_1130am EDT C1 or C2 Kiting (elly012912)
(major kiting starts about 2:16)

06212012_849pm EDT BR Dances With Prey (elly012912)

07032012_1242pm EDT Closeup of C2 (elly012912)

Big Red and Ezra Family Slideshow (Lab of Ornithology)

Hawk Season Highlights (Lab of Ornithology)